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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 3.October, 2022.
Made in Slovakia.
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EMU information

Nick: EMU
Homepage: www.emustudios.com

EMU's reviews:

    Towers 2: Game rip
    "I composed this music in 1994 it was my first experience with 'MODs'" (by EMU, 2 Jun 2005) [7/10]
    I composed this music in 1994 it was realeased in 1995. (This music was written before there was Windows95 or Pentium PC's.
    I always thought games, especially RPG's or Role Playing Games, should have a video/movie type themes approach. I was an Atari user until 1997. I bought my Atari Falcon 030 in '92-'93 and was given the oppurtunity by JVGames to write the music for there Falcon version of Towers II and do it my movie theme way/concept.

    This was my first experience with using MOD writer/player software. Taking this into consideration one can more appreciate the fact that although this music is 'dated' for its' quality and content it was written before there was any 'Doom'or'Quake' both of which came out with great audio tracks.
    Because Atari was on it's last legs, it took almost two years to get the game published and distributed. By that time of course it was kind of 'dated' by then.

    Any way it is kinda neat to think of some Grandparents somewhere in the world pulling out their old Jaguar and letting the Grandkids sit down and play Towers II with my music, if turned on, being listened to.

    I had a lot of fun with this game as it was my first 'music for software' venture and it got okay reviews when it first appeared on the market.
    I really liked the way the 'knocking on the wall' sounds came out on the 'inside' game theme, it kinda made you turn to look for the source only it was the 'music';)