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Redheat information

Nick: Redheat

Redheat's reviews:

    Settlers 2, The: Game rip
    "Richard Marx" (by Redheat, 10 Oct 2006) [10/10]
    THe last name is marx by the way, my typo! :)

    Hope you like the song if you do not see the connection :)

    Settlers 2, The: Game rip
    "Actual Songs..." (by Redheat, 1 Oct 2006) [10/10]
    Iv found over the years that some of the midi music in older games are based on songs. I have found one Song that is based on Song 14 (In settlers 2)

    Richard Marks - Hazard

    After listening to this song for the first time about a year ago i instatly related it to settlers 2 and it makes this song spectacular as it reminds me of the countless hours of playing settlers 2 (The best present i was EVER brougt)

    I thought i found another song that has a melody from the settlers 2, though im not sure.

    Kate Bush - The man with the child in his eyes

    These two songs remind me of settlers 2 so much and i hope people will see the connection. Your feedback would be great (Might just be me) <-- :S