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Torment information

Nick: Torment

Torment's reviews:

    Deus Ex: Game rip
    "Game soundtrack masterpiece" (by Torment, 24 Oct 2010) [9/10]
    This is what classics are made of. The music perfectly sets the mood (and what a magnificent, unique mood it is) for the game and is still as impressive as when I heard it the first time, many years ago. The best songs are Ending 1 (Dark Age), UNATCO, Intro, NYC Streets, DuClare Chateau, Versalife and NYC Bar 2. However, the greatest of them all... is Hong Kong Streets.

    The only songs that bother me somewhat are the main title and Opponent Within. The main title feels too "high-strung" and a bit disjointed at times whereas Opponent Within loses its great potential exactly one minute into the song, becoming dull and far too short. This is why I have to grudgingly give it a 9 instead of 10. Still, undeniably a masterpiece and one of the best and most original game soundtracks that has ever existed.