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Irisu information

Nick: Irisu

Irisu says:

I love Jazz Jackrabbit, Xargon, Hocus Pocus and Mystic Towers music! Please if anyone has Xargon music in S3M or MOD, instead of midi, please send to my mail!!! Thx ^_~

Irisu's reviews:

    Jazz Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare 1994: Game rip
    "Candion & Bloxonius" (by Irisu, 20 Dec 2009) [9/10]
    The music comes from the Holiday levels Candion and Bloxonius.

    Candion's theme is a beautiful, melodious tune that really gets you into the Christmassy feel.

    Bloxonius is up-tempo, modern and very catchy.

    Jazz Jackrabbit music can barely be put into words, you gotta hear it for yourself. If you like the main game music, then these songs are a necessary addition for your collection!

    Hocus Pocus: Game rip
    "why not mod?" (by Irisu, 1 Oct 2006) [7/10]
    midi is nice, but the music is so much better in mod or s3m format!!