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BH4 information

Nick: BH4
Homepage: www.armageddongames.net/Forums

BH4 says:

BH4 = Britannianhero4 on www.armageddongames.net. Go there. Now. Great place. :-P

BH4's reviews:

    Age Of Empires: Game rip
    "Calm, pleasant, no action." (by BH4, 31 Oct 2003) [4/10]
    Great game, mediocre midis. They're not BAD midis, but they're just not exciting. If you want to fall asleep to a calmly repeating midi, (And there's nothing wrong with that.) By all means, attach yourself to these midis. They're great.

    Duke Nukem 2: Game rip
    "Great, and very descriptive music." (by BH4, 31 Oct 2003) [9/10]
    Duke Nukem II was one of those games, back in 1992, that would have had people glued to their computer screen. "GET THAT SODA CAN BEFORE IT BLASTS OFF!!!" Very good game.

    These midis barely do the game justice. But they sure come close. ;) I highly recommend downloading these midis. Even if you've never played the game, they should be enough of an incentive to find the disc in your local GameStop of EBGames.