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Duke Nukem 2: Game rip

Download game music in ZIP archive from World of Game Mods/Mids

Game info

Name: Duke Nukem 2
Characteristics: Action, Horizontal-Scrolling, Platform, 2-d, Shooter, Arcade, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Publishers: Apogee, , Apogee Software
Developers: Apogee, , Apogee Software
Original/port composer: Robert Prince (Dos)
PC Dos (1993) - Europe
PC Dos (03 Dec 1993)

Music info

Released: 03 Dec 1993
Related Plaform: PC Dos
Format: Sequenced music (MID)
Composers of these tunes: Robert Prince, Lambda Team
Source / Archiver / Ripper: Mirsoft, Reactor
Music type: Game rip
Archived process: Archived completely
Num of tunes: 7
Size of archive: 58856 bytes

User reviews

  • "Great, and very descriptive music." (by BH4, 31 Oct 2003) [9/10]
    Duke Nukem II was one of those games, back in 1992, that would have had people glued to their computer screen. "GET THAT SODA CAN BEFORE IT BLASTS OFF!!!" Very good game.

    These midis barely do the game justice. But they sure come close. ;) I highly recommend downloading these midis. Even if you've never played the game, they should be enough of an incentive to find the disc in your local GameStop of EBGames.

  • "Fine, I guess." (by quackbal, 16 May 2004) [6/10]
    Musics fine; just not enough of it! Get music from other levels, please!

  • "Sweeet..." (by Sang, 26 Sep 2004) [9/10]
    *Mmmmm...Duke 2 midis *garglll**

    I want more! I want more! ;)

  • "Great Music" (by NewCreature, 30 Oct 2004) [9/10]
    Awesome music from a great game! The rip doesn't contain all the songs, though. I found some more here:


  • "Quite good, for a midi..." (by SpikeNexus, 3 Jul 2005) [7/10]
    Despite being midi files, which really don't sound as true to the game as the IMF files do, these songs are quite okay to listen to.

  • "Yeah, this is Bobby Sound :)" (by Verbatim, 9 Oct 2018) [9/10]
    i love the orginal FM synth Versions also

    above all, there are very nice Synth Lead Lines, this Songs deserve studio quality with help of Midi Files

    i converted already some Duke Nukem IMF Files 2 Midi, fixed the speed problems, revoiced the patches, with my Sw1000XG, i will soon share two versions of some Songs i have converted in GM / XG(for Yamaha Devices)

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Facts / description

Info from Reactor:

Tunes E1L3 and E2L7 are Duke Nukem 2 composed MIDI of episode one, level three, and episode 2 level 7. These are the best tunes from Duke Nukem 2. Made in Anvil Studio by the Lambda Team.

Music download

Download Game Music in ZIP archive!

Other music records from this game

Record created/updated: 10. March 2011.
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