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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 3.October, 2022.
Made in Slovakia.
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Verbatim information

Nick: Verbatim

Verbatim says:

fan of midisequenced songs / gamesoundtracks

Verbatim's reviews:

    Duke Nukem 2: Game rip
    "Yeah, this is Bobby Sound :)" (by Verbatim, 9 Oct 2018) [9/10]
    i love the orginal FM synth Versions also

    above all, there are very nice Synth Lead Lines, this Songs deserve studio quality with help of Midi Files

    i converted already some Duke Nukem IMF Files 2 Midi, fixed the speed problems, revoiced the patches, with my Sw1000XG, i will soon share two versions of some Songs i have converted in GM / XG(for Yamaha Devices)

    Larry 6: Game rip
    "Not only Larry 6 the other Versions also" (by Verbatim, 9 Oct 2018) [10/10]
    many nice jazzy, funky Songs can you find in Mike Dana's, Craig Safan'S, Chris Brayman's and Al Lowe's perfect moody productions

    its a must for every gamesoundtrack midifan :)

    Die Hoehlenwelt Saga: Game rip
    "Yes, a lovely German Adventure, the music its very brilliant" (by Verbatim, 9 Oct 2018) [9/10]
    But I'm afraid that none can tell from this game, if not he is a german

    In the download package you will find FM Versions which sounds wrong, the numbers 1 until 11 are the GM Midi Files, i recommend for Track 6 to choose a Fretless Bass ;)

    Lemmings 3D: Game rip
    "Yes, the good old unknown *.snd File Format ;)" (by Verbatim, 9 Oct 2018) [9/10]
    what i have tried to find for that format a player for playing outthere the game ;)

    The FM Version of this soundtrack its still worth hearing, it has very well used FM Timbre

    But please with real OPL FM Chip or the good old OPL3 only ;)


    Privateer, The: Game rip
    "Its Nenad Vugrinec the conductor of this Soundtrack? ;)" (by Verbatim, 9 Oct 2018) [10/10]
    I didn't play the game, but i have ripped several songs from the game directory of the Game in XMI on my 4'86'er DX II an played it via "xmiplay.exe, today its feel that Nenad Vugrinec is one of the composer, maybe the conductor of the soundtrack

    I very awesome quality of midisequenced horror cuts & moods, i love it. ;)

    This Soundtrack i will mix with my Sw1000XG and my Motif XF, both synth's complement each other

    See Ultima 8 Soundtrack also for awesome performance and quality from Nenad Vugrinec.

    The Privater Soundtrack provides some funky (Track14), sentimental / melancholic (Track15, 21, 007)(and dramatic songs

    Simon The Sorcerer: Game rip
    "A nice game & nice Songs" (by Verbatim, 7 Aug 2017) [9/10]
    At the moment i play Simon the Sourcerer and i found some Songs very nice

    the ripped soundtrack its programmed for the MT32 and sounds wrong, i remapped the songs to GM, for you all

    Beat The House: Game rip
    "never played this game.." (by Verbatim, 31 Jul 2017) [8/10]
    but nice jazzy & good arranged tunes, again and again you will find here nice treasures in this land of milk & honey here ;-)

    Extreme Assault: Game rip
    "it a must for every dos midi soundtrack fan" (by Verbatim, 26 Mar 2017) [10/10]
    i have never played this game, but the awesome orchestered soundtrack is outerstanding in my ears, no wonder if Huelsbeck is the composer ;)

    Simon The Sorcerer: Game rip
    "Re: in terms of objection by Rarfl" (by Verbatim, 27 Mar 2015) [8/10]
    Hello Rarl!

    Track: MOD12 i have analyzed, this is no important track to enjoy the entire soundtrack, its a few second piano part of a out of tune phrase

    Track:Mod26 i could not convert from MT32 2gm, the Files its difficuilt to handle but i have made a record via munt-mt32 emulator, to explore this sequence and open it to your mind, sorry for bad quality, its a short trip only but sweet


    Track:MOD35 i could fix and plays fine

    sorry for the trouble, i dont understand how could this happen, maybe i was confused at this day to make the gm-file collection ;)

    Battle Isle 2: Game rip
    "Note for the correct pitch" (by Verbatim, 26 Sep 2013) [8/10]
    the Jogrwai.mid contains the midi controller RPN Pitch Bend Sensetivity Value:1536, in the other tracks this important controller is missing, especially for the overdrive and disortion parts

    if wanted I can offer a correction of the actual collection

    i never played this game, but i love some tracks of this Midi OST, early i heard it over xmiplay via FM synth.


    Terminator: SkyNet: Game rip
    "great varios terminator & epic themes in this Soundtrack" (by Verbatim, 21 Nov 2012) [9/10]
    One of the last great midi sequenced arrangements of the DOS time

    Great sequencing and composing Work by Andy Warr :)

    Final Doom, TNT: Game rip
    "Yes, without doubt, a very good add one / an alternative to Bobby Prince Socres" (by Verbatim, 14 Oct 2012) [8/10]
    And yes -> the Titel "The Darkness" is a clear case of my favorites and a very intensiv drabber / gloomy style of music / song, it fits in general perfect in the World of Doom !

    I love all the gloomy tracks in connection to the demonic / demonish World of Doom

    for example "D_shwan3.mid" its a true gloomy track also

    some tracks of this OST from Team TNT are unkinder a little bit but It doesn't matter

    for that reason i can't awarded the full rating

Verbatim as source of these music records:

These music records are available to you also thanks to Verbatim. This means, if the tune is Digital Audio, Verbatim probably supplied some information to the music record. In case of downloadable MOD/MID music files he probably supplied and/or ripped some or all tunes.