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Last updated: 3.October, 2022.
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Flash information

Nick: Flash

Flash says:

.: beep : beep :.

Flash's reviews:

    Beverly Hills Cop: Game rip
    "A legendary theme song" (by Flash, 1 Apr 2004) [7/10]
    There's only one track in this pack and it's, obviously, the Beverly Hills Cop theme song. I'm sure almost everyone has heard this legendary track and knows how it goes. This one sounds quite a lot like the original one and I'm pretty sure all the notes and chords are correct. Anyway, it's a neat and catchy song. I, for some strange reason, like it even though it's rather simple and old.

    River City Ransom: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Blocky players" (by Flash, 1 Apr 2004) [7/10]
    River City Ransom, hmm, isn't this the game with the blocky characters that look a lot like the ones in that Nintendo World Cup game? Ahh, great games both of them. I think I got stuck in RCR and stopped playing but I should probably try it again... Oh yeah, the music... I can't remember any of the tunes from the game even if I listen to these IT's but these aren't too bad. They have that typical Nintendo feel to them and sound like they'd go well in a game like RCR. Looks like there are 5 tracks of 3 different tunes in the pack: 2 street tunes, 2 theme songs and one shopping track.

    Metal Slug: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Brave soldiers and power-ups" (by Flash, 1 Apr 2004) [8/10]
    Metal Slug must be one of the best arcade games there is and its music is quite good, too. There are 2 songs in this pack and I think they are pretty well done. It can't be very easy to track this kind of music. The quality of the samples isn't the best but it doesn't matter that much. I think the author found great samples for the song, considering that these are not very typical samples and were probably difficult to find. Effects weren't used much in these songs but it's not really a problem. The main point is to make the track sound like the original song and if achieving that doesn't require effects then don't put any. Some adjustments could've been made but nevertheless I was surprised by how authentic these tracks sounded.

    Speed Haste: Game rip
    "Groovy" (by Flash, 1 Apr 2004) [7/10]
    Most of these tracks are some sort of rock but there are a few different ones too. The tunes could be a lot better but I still liked some of them. The main problem is the bad quality of the samples but considering it's an old game they are fine. The songs aren't very complex and sometimes a sample (a cymbal for example) gets cut off by another sample, which doesn't sound very nice. Even though the tracks aren't technically anything special, they can be quite amusing. Musically some of these tunes are really groovy, my favourites are 05-HASTE3.S3M, 07-HASTE5.S3M and 10-HASTE8.S3M.

    Sim City 2000: Game rip
    "Sim songs" (by Flash, 30 Aug 2003) [6/10]
    These mods are game rips so they sound exactly like the ones in the game. I always thought Sim City 2000 had midi music, I guess I just didn't listen very carefully. The tunes in this pack are ok for background music but I wouldn't put these on my playlist. The mods are quite short and sound a bit dull but that's probably because I've heard them too many times. Note that these tunes are in .med format so you might need a plugin before you can play these.

    Pizza Worm: Game rip
    "Pizzaaaa" (by Flash, 15 Apr 2003) [5/10]
    I was a bit surprised when I found this because I would never have thought that the Pizza Worm tune is here in the Game Mod archive. Anyway, there's only one track in the pack and it isn't very good because it's so simple. The tune gets quite annoying if you listen to it too much but I guess it's an ok tune for a small worm game. You don't hear this type of music too often but unfortunately this track is pretty repetitive.

    Super Mario Bros 2: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Hyper Mario" (by Flash, 6 Dec 2002) [9/10]
    Wow! I love both of these Mario 2 covers. They offer a bit different kind of music. I expected some chip tunes but these are far from chip. These tracks are a bit short but it doesn't matter that much. I recommend this pack.

    Contra: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Megamix" (by Flash, 6 Dec 2002) [9/10]
    There are some good tunes in this pack but one is definitely the best: the megamix. The other tunes aren't bad but the megamix is - in many ways - much better than the others. The tunes of Contra were good on the NES and this metal mix is just excellent. It has some orchestral and nintendoish (sine waves, squares etc.) samples, too. And it's very long: over 7 minutes. I highly recommend it. I give this pack 9 points, mostly because of the megamix.

    Mortal Kombat: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Flawless victory" (by Flash, 6 Dec 2002) [8/10]
    These two Mortal Kombat remixes are quite good even though I don't like this kind of music very much. They are some sort of techno/dance tunes. I believe the other one uses some loops (talking about samples), which make it sound really good and there was just one part in that tune that I didn't like. These tracks don't sound like the original one at all but that's the way they are supposed to be since they are remixes. Mortal Kombat Lizard makes my XMplay crash for some reason but I listened to it in Winamp instead.

    Syndicate: Game rip
    "Background noises" (by Flash, 28 Nov 2002) [4/10]
    There is only one tune in this pack and it's musically quite poor. In fact it mostly consists of background noises like beeps and vehicle sounds. That's probably because it's supposed to be some sort of futuristic background music. It isn't something that I would normally listen to but I guess it goes well with the atmosphere of the game.

    Megaman 2: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Simply marvellous" (by Flash, 27 Nov 2002) [9/10]
    Megaman 2 was one of the first Nintendo games I ever played and it rocked more than any other game. The music in this pack is awesome and definitely deserves at least 9 points. I can recognize every track and they all are great, just like in the original game. There are some remixes and some that sound exactly like the ones in the game.

    Jazz Jackrabbit (CD): Game rip
    "1337 mod musix" (by Flash, 24 Nov 2002) [7/10]
    The main reason for downloading this music pack was the menu song. I haven't played this game for a long time but I was hoping I'd recognize at least some of the tunes. Unfortunately I only recognized one: the menu song. The drums in it are wicked and the bass line is just great, and the horn sample goes extremely well with them. In my opinion, the menu song is the best tune in the pack but most of the other tracks are great too. I talked about this game with a friend a while ago and he said "jazz jackrabbit has 1337 mod musix".