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Jazz Jackrabbit: Game rip

Download game music in ZIP archive from World of Game Mods/Mids

Game info

Name: Jazz Jackrabbit
Characteristics: Action, Platform, Side-Scrolling
Publishers: Epic Megagames, Jaleco
Developers: Epic Megagames, Game Titan
Original/port composers: Robert Allen (Dos), Joshua Jensen (Dos)
PC Dos (1994) - Europe
Game Boy Advance (18 Dec 2002)

Music info

Released: 1994
Related Plaform: PC Dos
Format: Tracked music (MOD / XM / S3M / IT)
Composers of these tunes: Robert Allen, Joshua Jensen
Source / Archiver / Ripper: Mirsoft, Telcontar, DarkGlider
Music type: Game rip
Archived process: Archived completely
Num of tunes: 33
Complete: 100%
Size of archive: 2.15 MBytes

User reviews

  • "The ambiently rock jackrabbit" (by Grizzly, 7 Nov 2002) [6/10]
    The music is more ambient like, and also a bit rock-type (because of the guitar in some tracks). The good thing is that nearly every level of the game got it's own music, and it does fit the game perfectly. But it's nothing extraordinaire, so only a solid 6 points.

  • "1337 mod musix" (by Flash, 24 Nov 2002) [7/10]
    The main reason for downloading this music pack was the menu song. I haven't played this game for a long time but I was hoping I'd recognize at least some of the tunes. Unfortunately I only recognized one: the menu song. The drums in it are wicked and the bass line is just great, and the horn sample goes extremely well with them. In my opinion, the menu song is the best tune in the pack but most of the other tracks are great too. I talked about this game with a friend a while ago and he said "jazz jackrabbit has 1337 mod musix".

  • "Rocks like Hell!" (by JM, 11 Jul 2004) [8/10]
    I really like most tracks of this soundtrack, great melodies, pounding rock beats, lots of atmosphere and, most important, an enormous amount of energy and vividness that make the perfect jump'n'run score. I find it hard to stand still listening to these tunes. However, due to some weaker and slightly annoying tracks I only give it 8/10.

  • "Jazz Jack Rabbit" (by zeke, 3 Oct 2004) [10/10]
    This Music is the rockiest music out of any game I played its better then the music of todays games so I give it a 10/10

  • "One of my fave soundtracks..." (by akumajobelmont, 1 Mar 2005) [10/10]
    All i need to say is MEDIVO...

    One of the single greatest tracks written for a game ever...

    Jazz is also one of my fave games ever...

    This soundtrack, in my opinion, is spawn of a love of 80's music... SO many nods to New Order (or is it just me???)

    Don't HESITATE to download!!!

    I'm doing a Medivo arrangement, if any1 is interested...


    110/100 ;)

  • "Better than a promise..." (by Don, 31 Aug 2005) [9/10]
    I remember when the folks at Epic swore they were coming up with a jukebox player that would allow you to play all the song files from Jazz Jackrabbit. Well, too late. These are excellent song files!!!

  • "...I'd kill for that jukebox..." (by CatsmadeofCatsmadeofCats, 27 Sep 2005) [10/10]
    ...Just to play all these songs in my room! Though I'm not sure my girlfriend would appreciate.

    Yes, this is epic Jazz (you'll get sick of my puns I swear)at it's best- And it seems epic settle for nothing less.

    And gawddamnit I hope they make another Jazz. Even if it's 2D- i'll not only buy it, i'll play it long into the night.

  • "Cool stuff" (by Sang, 14 Oct 2005) [8/10]
    Was just playing Jazz Jackrabbit a moment ago, and was reminded of how cool its music was. Soooo I went over here immediatly, hoping that there was a download for it here. Yay! Great stuff :) Just too bad the quality of computer game-songs weren't that good in '94 :(

  • "Thanks!" (by trulsern, 8 Dec 2005) [10/10]
    Been searching all over for the amazing Medivo track. Finally I've got it thanks to you guys. Keep up the good work.

  • "Rocking Rabbit" (by Test, 11 Jan 2006) [9/10]
    Jazz Jackrabbit has cool, spacey music. The synthies are not as smooth as in UT, but the music definitely has got some drive in it.
    I personally use it for my RPG-sessions in futuristic scenarios.
    As an eateregg there are some "X-mas" songs impelemted ...

  • "love this game!" (by Zillax, 10 Feb 2006) [10/10]
    i love this old game's music
    i search it and found it !
    thanks to mirsoft.info and it's lief webmasters

  • "Medivo" (by ajkerr, 10 May 2007) [10/10]
    awesome awesome - 10/10 just for medivo

  • "3D Bonus track ?" (by PrismO, 19 May 2007) [9/10]
    That rip collection is NEAR perfect because of a missing track.... my FAV track : 3D Bonus Stage. Am I the only one who think it should be in there ?

  • "Great musics!" (by axebitten, 31 May 2006) [10/10]
    One of these days i was talking about old games and i mentioned how incredible this game's music was. Great thing i found them here. Thanks!
    Does anyone know if the author/s of this music released any album or something beyond game soundtracks? I would love to hear their work.

  • "Didn't Like It, Sorry" (by Anorak99, 2 Jun 2006) [5/10]
    Once again, we find all of the reviewers agreeing with one another.. up until now! I found the music to be really quite dull, and on the most part, annoying.

  • "awesome i d die for this" (by zomg111, 1 Nov 2006) [10/10]
    i ve come to this place looking on more information about the soundtrack and its authors because the wikipedia article related to jazz sucks :s.

    what can i say despite really few not so great tunes this is an amazing piece of art, outstanding of course Medivo also my favorite Orbitus -can t stop looping those 1:52 minutes forever. remarkable also how these songs correlate with the original game levels.. the memories ;)

    the package offers the songs in nice quality, actually better then they ever sounded on my 386/40 with SBPRO, i only miss one song which is the one of the first xmas episode lvl 1 also a kickass tune. luckily someone was sharing that .it on edonkey :D

    as for silverball, extreme pinball and (partially) also for epic pinball robert allen and joshua jensen have given us a lot of great tunes. same goes in general for all epic productions which have always been a synonym for outstanding game music -as for outstanding games themselves of course- just remembering unreal 1 soundtrack with love :)

  • "Nice zip and nice songs." (by leiget, 24 Mar 2007) [10/10]
    One thing I like about the collection is that it has even one of the special versions of Jazz. The music has decent a veriety, and is slow to fast.

    If you want to get pumped up, you could listen to Deckstar or Languicus

    If you feel like you want to cool down, you could listen to Dreempipes.

    Mostly music that gets you pumped.

  • "Music of my childhood" (by Lok-Thar, 13 Jun 2007) [10/10]
    You cannot believe how euphoric I was when I finally found this soundtrack! Tubelectric will always be one of my favourite songs, same with Medivo.

    What I think makes this soundtrack better than the one of part 2 is the feeling that comes with pure trackermusic. That's what music made on computers should sound like!

  • "Woohoo" (by Blade_Train3r, 2 Jul 2007) [9/10]
    Being a retrogamer I also search for retro music, and Jazz Jackrabbit has topped my personal charts for some time (next to Raptor)

  • "Very good music" (by Shinobi, 3 Jul 2007) [8/10]
    These are some excellent tracks, but you have to keep in mind that since they are pretty old, there are some technical limitations to the sound quality. Still, a "must have"!

  • "Robert Allen's music rocks" (by sequence, 28 Oct 2007) [10/10]
    Glad to see I found these. Jazz and Epic Pinball have the best game music I've heard.

  • "JJR music rocks!!" (by Industrial Girl, 21 Apr 2008) [9/10]
    Hey hey finally i found JJR music...ive been after this for ages and ages. is my favourite game of all time, and the 1st game i ever played basically. The best song? Technoir. Also the best level. A few songs i never liked (Nippius, Crysallis and Turtemple) but great minus them.

  • "Yeeeeaaah!!!" (by caffeine, 22 Dec 2008) [10/10]
    I love this stuff. It really does bring it all back. Tracks like these are why I started synthesizing music of my own. Like many my favourite is Medivo, followed by Tubelectric. The composer sticks with basic melody and rythms, but layers and mixes them so well that they blow my mind.

  • "Jazz Rockrabbit" (by Kontra, 5 Jan 2009) [10/10]
    This music is simply EPIC, it never gets old. Thanks for these *.mods, they sound just like the orginals. Menu screen, Tubelectric, Medivo & Chrysilis are the most bestest of this lot.

  • "Rocking Retro Rabbit ;)" (by Big Mo, 28 Dec 2009) [8/10]
    Nice rocky tunes like you would expect from an Epic game, some of my favorite tunes back then. Really got me into the tracking scene. Simple but effective, really fitted the game. My personal favorites are the Menu theme, Tubelectric, Medivo and the Bonus level.

  • "Sounds from my childhood" (by R. Wilco, 8 Jun 2013) [10/10]
    Thank you for putting it online for free! Been searching it for a long time:)

  • "Planet Carrotus" (by Warcow, 19 Jan 2014) [8/10]
    First played this one when it was only the demo version out there and it was way cool back in the day. The music is also great with much variety and ideas, not too many hitsongs though to get a top rating. My favourite track is definitely Medivo.

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Facts / description

The folder contains tunes from 3.5" floppy registered version (thanks for Dark Glider who provided the tunes
this version). This version has these tunes:


The rest of tunes in root folder (not listed above) are from other versions of the game (maybe CD version etc.), but
I unfortunately don't have any exact information, from which ones. However the archive should be

Note: If you downloaded the this archive before, maybe you noticed that I removed the tunes from folder CD-Version.
It was because there tunes were all worse duplicated versions of the tunes in the root folder.

Thanks also to Telcontar who re-ripped and fixed the "Lagunicus.s3m" tune, which was originally a bit corrupted.

Info from Telcontar regardin the BONUS.S3M tune:
Replacement copy of BONUS.S3M, taken from the CD version and converted to S3M by Chronos Module Converter.
This was also in the basic shareware version; it's not specific to the CD release.

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