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Last updated: 1.July, 2021.
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Telcontar information

Nick: Telcontar
Homepage: https://telcontar.net

Telcontar's reviews:

    Unreal Tournament: Game rip
    "@ivionday" (by Telcontar, 25 Nov 2006) [10/10]
    And that's the irony. Epic went with a number of excellent composers. Dan Froehlich (Xargon/Traffic Dept/Brix), Robert A Allen and Josh Jensen(?) (OMF, original Jazz and Epic Pinball) and of course Straylight Productions, who furnished Epic with both a MIDI soundtrack (Tyrian) and various MOD soundtracks (Unreal, UT, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 ...) (And to whoever mentioned Deus Ex: I presume you realise that Alexander Brandon did that one too? :)

    Epic soundtracks are all winners to me, and consequently I am a big fan of not just the well-known composers -- Dan, Robert, Michiel and Alexander, but all the awesome contributions from the other artists, such as Skaven and Necros (and the others) in the UT soundtrack, and whoever it was who contributeed to the original Jazz Jackrabbit soundtrack (probably Josh Jensen).

    Good stuff.

    Lemmings: Game rip
    "This is the Lemmings music?" (by Telcontar, 20 Dec 2002) [2/10]
    There's some great music on this site, but this particular item, the Lemings music game rip as MOD, falls very short. Claiming to be a game rip, it's really a motley bunch of files, including some strange effort at assembling the tunes all as one MOD. There are two files (one is actually complete, the other is only the beginning) of pretty decent remakes of the music in a conventional format, but what I'd like to see is the entire soundtrack in this form.

Telcontar as source of these music records:

These music records are available to you also thanks to Telcontar. This means, if the tune is Digital Audio, Telcontar probably supplied some information to the music record. In case of downloadable MOD/MID music files he probably supplied and/or ripped some or all tunes.