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Last updated: 3.October, 2022.
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Unreal Tournament: Game rip

Download game music in ZIP archive from World of Game Mods/Mids

Game info

Name: Unreal Tournament
Alternate name: UT (Short Informal title)
Characteristics: Action, 1st-Person Perspective, Shooter
Publishers: Infogrames, Digital Extremes, GT Interactive, WizardWorks, Loki, MacSoft
Developers: Digital Extremes, Secret Level, Epic Megagames, Epic
Original/port composers: Michiel van den Bos, Dan Grandpre, Andrew Sega, Alexander Brandon, Peter Hajba, Tero Kostermaa, Mike Wilberforce, Ixupi, Rickard Sviestins, Ken Post, Anthony Blackwood, Loki Software (Linux)
PC Dos (1999)
PC Windows (22 Nov 1999) - Europe
Linux (2000) - Europe
PlayStation 2 (26 Oct 2000) - United States
DreamCast (14 Mar 2001) - United States
Macintosh (21 Mar 2001) - Europe
PlayStation 2 (20 Apr 2001) - Europe
DreamCast (29 Jun 2001) - Europe
PlayStation (Unfinished) - United States
L600 (Unfinished) - United States

Music info

Released: 22 Nov 1999
Related Plaform: PC Dos
Format: Tracked music (MOD / XM / S3M / IT)
Composers of these tunes: Michiel van den Bos, Dan Grandpre, Andrew Sega, Alexander Brandon, Peter Hajba, Tero Kostermaa
Source / Archiver / Ripper: Mirsoft, Darth Nefelim, Pyramid Head
Music type: Game rip
Archived process: Archived completely
Num of tunes: 33
Num of subsongs: 34
Complete: 100%
Size of archive: 43 MBytes

User reviews

  • "Run, frag and listen to the music" (by Warcow, 1 Sep 2003) [10/10]
    A very nice soundtrack with many "bloodpumping" techno songs which fits the gameplay itself. With less ambient tunes than its singleplayer predecessor, it's a little easier to listen to.

  • "Cool drums, beats and synth sounds." (by sds, 8 Jun 2004) [9/10]
    Is a heavy but great collection to have stored in the HD. Really nice work.

  • "Unreal tournament game rip" (by jb, 22 Jun 2004) [10/10]
    Kick butt tunes. I love to drive and listen to ''Save Me'' and ''Razorback''.
    Phantom is my personal fave.

  • "One of the best..." (by Nikki, 18 Aug 2004) [10/10]
    ... game music ever maded. Alex Brandon and Michiel van den Bos are masters of MODs. I have listened to "Save Me" and other great UT tracks since UT demo was out and I still listen to it now and then.

  • "To win the match..." (by Darth Nefelim, 6 Sep 2004) [7/10]
    Another game, another music. It've lost something of it's beauty - more speed, more aggression. But really nice.

  • "And this is why!" (by Mortar, 10 Nov 2004) [10/10]
    IMO Unreal Tournament 200X never will compare to it's predecessor.

  • "Be fast or die fast." (by Dark Pulse, 3 Jan 2005) [10/10]
    UT's music was one of the things that made the game quite memorable for me. It's got memorable rhythms and does a nice job of getting you pumped, yet it also has other, mellower pieces that somehow "fit" nicely, like "Foregone Destruction" (Used on the infamous map CTF-Face) and "Skyward Fire" (Used on AS-Mazon.) A solid effort that has yet to be duplicated in any other game yet, save maybe the original Unreal and Deus Ex. Worth the Download.

  • "Astounding music." (by Thirteenth Conspiracy, 7 Feb 2005) [10/10]
    The music in this game is what made me a fan. Tracks like "Skyward Fire", "Foregone Destruction", "Botpack #9 (personal and absolute favorite)", "Run" and "Go Down" are just some of my favorites. The music suites well in the field, providing a fast, upbeat tone to the endless action that is happening in the game.

  • "Unreal JUST ROCK" (by Gatorized, 15 Mar 2005) [10/10]
    Wtf how could a damn moron put a 7/10 for that super ultra rip....FcuK That Nerd Omg thats the holy best package on earth and if i could i would put at least 578 out of 10...but i know im really bad in math so ill leave it at 10/10 :P

  • "Unreal Tournament music was GEM!!!!" (by music, 19 Mar 2005) [10/10]
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KEEPING IT FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GOING TO UPLOAD MY EXTREAMLY HARD TO FIND MUSIC FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • "About unreal tournament music" (by Aki, 11 Apr 2005) [9/10]
    I really loved this set of music modules made for the game called unreal tournament. My favourites are the ones made by Alexander Brandon of Straylight Productions.

  • "Pffft" (by Harry101, 24 Apr 2005) [10/10]
    OMG...This music sucks, the timing is awful, the noises are crap, plese, someone end the Unreal Series!

    J/K :D

    This Music is the best! Fast beating Techno, Rock, All that good stuff that keeps us alive!

  • "Freakin Awesome" (by ivionday, 2 May 2005) [10/10]
    Epic Megagames: the last bastion of GREAT MUSIC in video games. Jazz Jackrabbit, One Must Fall, Unreal, Tyrian, ring a bell?!!! I hope these guys stick around! UT2004 was not as good as this GEM . F**ing awesome. Thank you.

  • "Razorback" (by Andres, 21 May 2005) [10/10]
    That's rocks man...

  • "UNREAL FOREVER!" (by La'Zeez, 15 Jun 2005) [9/10]
    I always play this game. In the newer unreals such as UT2004 there isn't so rocking tracks. I have almost all the tracks from Unreal games, but tracks in UT and in first Unreal are the best. Recommend you to listen also "Dusk Horizon", "Interlude II", "Neve's Crossing" in first Unreal.

  • "Best of the best" (by Lege, 21 Jun 2005) [10/10]
    The music in this pack is simply awesome - I can only wonder how the composers managed to do it in .mod/.s3m/.it. A must have!

  • "this soundtrack is great" (by UTZAN, 22 Jun 2005) [10/10]
    UT has some of the best music. If u love trance check out UT soundtrack.

  • "Still listening...6 years later" (by Rogue, 27 Dec 2005) [10/10]
    Fast electronic music that keeps the adrenaline pumping in the game. It's amazing how Alex and the others make each song have its own 'personality' to suit each map. With every song, I can identify which map(s) it's used in.

    Foregone Destruction
    Into the Darkness
    Save Me
    Go Down
    Mission Landing
    Skyward Fire
    Super Fist

    Still listening...

  • "UT music rocks!!!!!!!" (by Andy, 8 Sep 2005) [10/10]
    UT rocks not to mention the soundtrack. My personal fav is the music from the death match Stalawart.

  • "World class music" (by hek1, 9 Sep 2005) [10/10]
    As many other people says, (most) of the UT music is ultra super duper awsome! :) I Played alot of Unreal Tournament years ago, and it was an classic what secured this game's success was on a big part this incredible rocking good (fitting) soundtrack. Foregone Destruction evokes sweet memories from the map CTF-Face, as well as the other tunes has their stories from other parts of the game.. Love and respect goes to the Composers for writing this stuff!


    "Foregone Destruction"
    "Go Down"
    "mechanism eight"
    "Nether Animal"
    "Save Me"
    "Skyward Fire"
    "Unreal Tournament Menu"

  • "ut tracks rules" (by sleena, 28 Oct 2005) [10/10]
    definetely ut tracks rulez.... ending and the course the number 1!

  • "So Underrated" (by EvilP, 21 Nov 2005) [10/10]
    UT was the first game I got for PC, I ran over and got it the day the PC was delivered to my house.
    The music and ambience was just far beyond anything I'd ever seen before, which was why I bought it with such haste. I was really saddened by the UT2003 music which was a step or five below the awesome UT sound and thus I could never be bothered to get UT2k4 which I've never heard anything about soundwise. (even the demo had forgettable music if I recall correctly.

    Legend. 10/10 because there are SO MANY good songs that make me want to jump around and shoot shoot people.

  • "How it SHOULD be done..." (by Rys, 29 Nov 2005) [10/10]
    This is one of the definative game-music tracks all other makers should note. The only thing more atmospheric is Deus Ex's tunes - although you'd be hard pressed to listen to most of them outside of the game.

    UT has the perfect blend of rock, techno and sundry to make it listenable anytime!

    Straight up 10/10.

  • "Oh yeah." (by SaxxonPike, 11 Jan 2006) [10/10]
    I loved the game Unreal Tournament since the day it came out. In fact I wrote up one of the first external UMX-to-module converters, but it never got released. THAT is how much I liked the music. To this day, I believe it to be the best set of tracks ever written, save for Deus Ex.

  • "Ace soundtrack" (by excman, 28 Feb 2006) [8/10]
    i still love playing unreal tournament to this day, its even better online :P
    The soundtrack is equally impressive, it brings back memories.
    My favorite track has to be foregone destruction as it is chilled drum n bass heh

  • "UT-rulez" (by redman, 5 May 2006) [10/10]
    Ahoj, jak tady vetsina lidi pise, tahle hudba vyvolava vzpominky na dny a noci straveny hranim tyhle skvely hry.
    Jednim slovem bomba.

  • "Original" (by UnrealGecko, 6 May 2006) [10/10]
    You can not deny this game as being the best of the series. the gaming was fantastic and the music is simply amazing. What happened with 2003 and 2004?

    I hope 2007 will rock my socks like the original did and not leave me crying like 2003 and 2004.....

  • "It would be very hard to do better now" (by kikoolol, 12 May 2006) [10/10]
    One of the best soundtracks made by awesome modders, maybe nearly as good as techno music must haves.

    Still listening to those tracks after many years

    Favorites : Foregone destruction, Skyward fire, botpack#9.

    The last unreals were kinda bad after those gems, the Severnaya dam music on Unreal 2 was one of the few who could compete with UT99 tracks.

  • "Adrenaline" (by Tharisfal, 21 Jul 2006) [9/10]
    The music goes perfectly with Unreals fast and doom-like gameplay. Adds to your bloodthisth and adrenaline :P


    Only Deus Ex can match with this music.

  • "Awesome" (by DarkTrooperII, 8 Oct 2006) [10/10]

    The music still reminds me of the first matches Ive played and the great time with all the MODs.

    My favs are Mech8, Into The Darkness and Underworld.

  • "Not just for ingame background listening!" (by Mike L. Thompson, 25 Oct 2006) [10/10]
    The sound is just fantastic. At first I took it just as good background music for the game - maybe except Mech8, which I really liked. But when I first heard SuperFist, man, I thought: this ROCKS!!! From then on I'm listening to all the tracks regularly outside the game :)
    My many thanks go to those genial guys who created it, especially to Alex Brandon (whose ones I love the most).

    I'd love to make a music band... :D

  • "Best UT ever" (by bobby, 23 Nov 2006) [10/10]
    This game couldn't been the best without the memorable music that the game developers brought.

  • "@ivionday" (by Telcontar, 25 Nov 2006) [10/10]
    And that's the irony. Epic went with a number of excellent composers. Dan Froehlich (Xargon/Traffic Dept/Brix), Robert A Allen and Josh Jensen(?) (OMF, original Jazz and Epic Pinball) and of course Straylight Productions, who furnished Epic with both a MIDI soundtrack (Tyrian) and various MOD soundtracks (Unreal, UT, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 ...) (And to whoever mentioned Deus Ex: I presume you realise that Alexander Brandon did that one too? :)

    Epic soundtracks are all winners to me, and consequently I am a big fan of not just the well-known composers -- Dan, Robert, Michiel and Alexander, but all the awesome contributions from the other artists, such as Skaven and Necros (and the others) in the UT soundtrack, and whoever it was who contributeed to the original Jazz Jackrabbit soundtrack (probably Josh Jensen).

    Good stuff.

  • "Game rip music" (by pinha, 28 Dec 2006) [10/10]
    Unreal Tournament has a very interesting music, I love this kind of music, techno music, I think its really good,if you have the chance to hear this kind of music DO IT youll see thats no bad and its interesting, soorry if I have write something wrong, its because I am Mexican, see ya every body and I want to thaks mirsoft for let me download the unreal music.



  • "It's all been said but..." (by Sheol, 1 Jan 2007) [10/10]
    When Olivier Lapicque first brought out the MODPLAYER in '98, I discovered it by accident, just cruising the web looking to see if somebody, ANYBODY had somehow ripped the music from UNREAL. I had to have it!
    Olivier's little composition has significantly improved since those days but I still use Version 1.35 as I like the control features it offers (1.01 was novel but a good play for starters).
    Anyway, UT has lots more of the in-your-face-kick-assedness the original began and assuredly belongs in the Game Soundtrack Hall Of Fame.
    Thanks! To the Makers and Rippers!!!

  • "AWESOME!!!!!" (by razor, 9 Jun 2007) [10/10]
    I'll never forget UT... It's engraved in my memories... And the soundtrack of this superb game is as good as soundtracks get!

    btw UT will celebrate 10th anniversary soon!

  • "I luv UT and it's music" (by Lord_Jacky, 1 Jul 2007) [10/10]
    The kickass tracks from UT are just so great I could listen to them all day. And as a mapper I often need to choose the according music for my maps, and I tell ya it's not easy because there are so much good tunes. I realy hope Unreal future versions will not be as lame as UT2003 & UT2004 came out to be.

  • "Wow!!" (by Shinobi, 3 Jul 2007) [9/10]
    That's some great music! Most tracks get 10/10 by me, but there are some that are not perfect, so overall "only" 9/10! ;-)

  • "Awesome memories" (by Weereecat, 11 Jul 2007) [10/10]
    It was the first (of two) online FPS I ever played (the second being AvP 2). Those songs were great, I listen to the menu track and I can see my character rotating, while choosing the mutators and all.

  • "Brings back sweet memories" (by Meltdown, 7 Aug 2007) [10/10]
    Just awesome!! The music in UT was and still is absolutely breathtaking and even today no game soundtrack ever has reached the high standard of UT! My favorite track still is "Unforegone Destruction" from the map CTF-Face which was one of my favorite maps back in the day. Its a nice and catchy atmospheric jungle/drum n bass track with lush, dreamy and melodic synths. In the background of the track you can hear the famous "Amen" Breakbeat which was used in almost every jungle/drum n bass production in the mid-90s.

    UT and its music will always be in our hearts ;)

  • "32 - Bonus Track - FireBR (From Beta Version) (3:15)" (by Boghee, 11 Aug 2007) [10/10]
    Ah the best of...

    I fu.. love it

    but I still want something new :)

    Patryk B.

  • "Mood Music" (by Ambs-Ace, 30 Sep 2007) [10/10]
    What can I say that hasn't been said already? This music has been awesome for eight years now(!) and still finds its way into my playlists. The only music that has done more to get me in the mood to play a game is the Civ 4 'Baba Yetu' title music. I hear that first sine-sample scale on Foregone Destruction, and by the time the hats come in, my blood is pumping and I'm ready to dodge sniper fire all over again ;)

  • "MOD master-class" (by hardnrg, 9 Jul 2008) [10/10]
    It's almost hard to believe these are MOD files, the tracker composers are masters of this style of sequencing!

  • "yeah mod rocks" (by chlankboot, 11 Jul 2008) [10/10]
    i like save me but it's a pleasure to listen to the whole great pack ...

  • "Newmafruit 2009" (by temetnosce, 1 Aug 2009) [10/10]
    Now I work, here in england, but 10 years
    does not change my love to the UNREAL
    TOURNAMENT, my favourite is mechanism eight
    and I hope that the memory about UT will never
    gone... fore gone...

  • "this is the best" (by warlock, 28 Nov 2009) [10/10]
    i'd try to find it out very long time.
    thank you!
    this is the time of my youth :)

  • "New to trackers" (by akira2k, 28 Oct 2011) [10/10]
    Amazing, epic game, epic soundtrack.
    Miss the days i played this on my Dreamcast.
    This is a must have/download pack of .IT music.

  • "UT Music" (by Louis Cypher, 17 Mar 2015) [10/10]
    Still rullez the games , i use it to play CS:GO, Foregone (from Facing Worlds ) it's perfect for background during matches

  • "Foregone Destruction is my absolute favorite from this game's soundtrack" (by JetSpade, 17 Sep 2020) [10/10]
    While I may not be a fan of games like Unreal Tournament, I can't complain about the soundtrack, and my absolute favorite is Foregone Destruction. I first heard that song in an LGR video that dates back to 2011, and I immediately liked it.

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Facts / description

These are all tracks from the game numbered and ordered as it would be original CD soundtrack.

Last two tracks have been played only in beta version of the game and they didn't reach the final. Thanx to Michel Medina for supporting these tunes. Track 32 (FireBR) is different from the final version after 1:10 . The beta version is much better (in his opinion). Track 31 was the title-music in the beta version, it never made in the final version.

Two tunes have subsongs, thanks to Darth "Snake" Nefelim here is the tracklist, including the playtime of the subsongs. Where I knew, I added also author names. If you know the missing authors, let me know. And also thanks to Alex Brandon for letting me know the correct author of the 'FireBR.XM' tune. :)

01 - Unreal Tournament Title [Michiel van den Bos, Alexander Brandon] (1:24)
02 - Unreal Tournament Menu (1:59)
03 - Into the darkness [Alexander Brandon] (2:43)
04 - Cannonade (1:55)
05 - Run [Michiel van den Bos] (4:29)
06 - Save Me [Alexander Brandon] (1:51)
07 - Organic [Alexander Brandon] (3:03)
08 - Botmca #10 [Michiel van den Bos] (4:20)
09 - Lock (2:44)
10 - Phantom [Michiel van den Bos, Alexander Brandon] (5:58)
11 - Enigma [Dan Grandpre] (3:24)
12 - Seeker 2 [Dan Grandpre] (3:25)
13 - Nether Animal (5:00)
14 - Save Me (G-mix) [Alexander Brandon] (1:51)
15 - Mission Landing [Michiel van den Bos] (4:13)
16a - Razorback (Unreal Mix) [Peter Hajba] (4:43)
16b - Razorback (Unreal Mix) [Peter Hajba] (Rage loop) (:06)
17 - Skyward Fire [Michiel van den Bos] (4:56)
18 - Underworld II [Alexander Brandon] (3:09)
19 - Three Wheels Turning [Alexander Brandon] (2:24)
20 - Colossus [Michiel van den Bos] (4:17)
21 - Go down [Alexander Brandon] (3:00)
22 - The Course (4:28)
23 - Seeker [Dan Grandpre] (3:50)
24 - SuperFist [Alexander Brandon] (1:57)
25 - Botpack #9 [Michiel van den Bos] (4:49)
26 - FireBR [Tero Kostermaa] (3:15)
27a - Mechanism Eight [Andrew Sega] (6:27)
27b - Mechanism Eight [Andrew Sega] (subsong) (0:24)
28 - Foregone Destruction [Michiel van den Bos] (4:11)
29 - Ending [Alexander Brandon] (1:47)
30 - Room of Champions (Victory & Trophyroom) [Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos] (2:14)
31 - Bonus Track - Title (from Beta Version) (1:09)
32 - Bonus Track - FireBR (From Beta Version) (3:15)
33 - Bonus Track - Razorback (From Beta Version) (4:08)

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