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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 3.November, 2023.
Made in Slovakia.
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Big Mo information

Nick: Big Mo

Big Mo's reviews:

    Jazz Jackrabbit: Game rip
    "Rocking Retro Rabbit ;)" (by Big Mo, 28 Dec 2009) [8/10]
    Nice rocky tunes like you would expect from an Epic game, some of my favorite tunes back then. Really got me into the tracking scene. Simple but effective, really fitted the game. My personal favorites are the Menu theme, Tubelectric, Medivo and the Bonus level.

    Deus Ex: Game rip
    "Best MODs since Unreal" (by Big Mo, 28 Dec 2009) [9/10]
    Although the UMX format which comes with the game is readable in most trackers & music players nowadays, the zip file here is in the well-known Impulse Tracker format. These great tracks, which could be called semi-dynamic (since they include music for different sceneries) are probably some of the best game MODs out there by Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos.

    FIFA Soccer: Game rip
    "Nice MIDI's from 1994" (by Big Mo, 28 Dec 2009) [7/10]
    FIFA 1994 Soundtrack.
    Nice, fast-paced music. Fits the game well. Some of the first EA MIDI-music I can remember.

    Duke Nukem 3D: Game rip
    "Totally awesome!" (by Big Mo, 28 Dec 2009) [10/10]
    Some of the best game music ever made. Lee Jackson & Bobby Prince really did their best here. I couldn't rate this else than 10/10.
    My personal favorites are the Theme, Stalker and Space Storm.

    Wacky Wheels: Game rip
    "Nice Music, quite enjoyable :)" (by Big Mo, 28 Dec 2009) [8/10]
    Wacky Wheels was a great game to play, and it had some nice tunes which could even be enjoyed today with a good samplebank. They're all quite the same style and tempo, but since the tunes are happy and uplifting, it still makes an awesome soundtrack for a game.

    Rise of the Triad: Game rip
    "Great game music" (by Big Mo, 28 Dec 2009) [9/10]
    The music made more impression on me than the game itself... It still runs on Dosbox, so if the music doesn't make an impression, play the game and be surprised!

    Outpost: Game rip
    "The music really fits the game" (by Big Mo, 28 Dec 2009) [6/10]
    Although mars.mid is an existent theme, it fits the game perfectly, and really made the game worthwhile. Since the other files are SFX, perhaps there could be more music in this game.

    Incredible Machine, The: Game rip
    "ADLIB music" (by Big Mo, 28 Dec 2009) [7/10]
    This really is Adlib music! Play the original game in Dosbox.

    Incredible Machine 2, The: Game rip
    "TIM2 tunes" (by Big Mo, 28 Dec 2009) [8/10]
    Quite incomplete, but probably the best tunes from TIM2. If you want more, search for the Contraptions Windows game.

    Hocus Pocus: Game rip
    "Listen on ADLIB" (by Big Mo, 28 Dec 2009) [7/10]
    When I played the game, music was in Adlib format. Especially Hocus004-007 are enjoyable. In General Midi format, these tunes just don't do the game justice. Play the game in DOSBOX and you're one happy musician/gamer!

    Theme Hospital: Game rip
    "Theme Hospital Music" (by Big Mo, 28 Dec 2009) [10/10]
    I always liked the music of Theme Hospital, right from the start. Back in the days I played this game, I had a Roland keyboard for the music. So I would recommend to listen it on at least a Roland Sound Canvas or better. With an external samplebank, these tunes really sound awesome, and I enjoy them even outside the game. I am a real MOD fanatic (because of samples) but this is probably some of the best MIDI music you'll ever get. Absolutely worth the download!