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Slugbreath information

Nick: Slugbreath

Slugbreath's reviews:

    Moochies, The: Game rip
    "Heh! Nice!" (by Slugbreath, 27 May 2003) [7/10]
    A bit strange and some tunes just go on and on. I'm not complaining on this though, since the tunes are good! Good work Martin Nyrup!
    Worth downloading.

    Tux Racer: Game rip
    "Good for what it is" (by Slugbreath, 27 May 2003) [6/10]
    The soundtrack of Tux Racer isn't so varied. Nearly all of the tunes contain the same melody. ("Eyes on me" or "Melodies of life" anybody? :-D )
    Never the less, the tunes are good.

    Simon The Sorcerer: Game rip
    "Uneven" (by Slugbreath, 27 May 2003) [5/10]
    Some tunes are really great, like Inn 1. Other tunes I didn't like at all.
    If you have played the game you might want to download this soundtrack, otherwise there are better soundtracks out there.
    Tunes like "Inn 1" make the soundtrack worth downloading for the enthusiastic game music fan.

    Benefactor: Game rip
    "The title rocks!" (by Slugbreath, 27 May 2003) [8/10]
    The title theme from Benefactor is one of the best video game music tunes I have ever heard. The other tunes are also good. Great soundtrack

    Pinball Fantasies: Game rip
    "Nice!" (by Slugbreath, 27 May 2003) [7/10]
    The soundtrack of Pinball Fantasies is made by Olof Gustafsson, composer of other great soundtracks like Benefactor, Pinball Illusions and Pinball Dreams, and is really great. Just listen to the title theme!

    Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Game rip
    "The best" (by Slugbreath, 27 Feb 2003) [10/10]
    This is, in my oppinion, the best soundtrack ever made. The tunes are as good listening to as they are well placed in the game. If you are a fan of Video game Music, download this now!

    Jumping Jackson: Game rip
    "Strange" (by Slugbreath, 27 Feb 2003) [6/10]
    Now here is a strange soundtrack if I ever heard one. The tunes are in fact, even though weird, pretty cool and are worth downloading. Never been able to figure out the lyrics though... :-)

    Horde, The: Game rip
    "Interesting tunes" (by Slugbreath, 27 Feb 2003) [7/10]
    The Horde has a really good and different soundtrack worth downloading. Pitty that tune number 10 is missing... I have listened to quite much game music, so trust me when I say that "The Horde" has a great soundtrack!