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Final Fantasy 7 Original Soundtrack (MIDI)
"MIDIs On the Dot" (by PANDAgirl, 9 Jan 2009) [10/10]
I'm a huge FFVII fan and, of course, I'm a fan of the music. I've been looking for MIDIs for my phone and these are by far the best and close sounding MIDIs to the OST by Nobuo Uematsu. Kudos to the upload :)

Gateworld: Game rip
"Inexact rip with surprisingly pleasant results!" (by Steel Grey, 9 Jan 2009) [7/10]
Gateworld is a challenging DOS platformer that I played a lot when I was younger. It has a short soundtrack with music that sounds crude and dissonant when you first listen to it, but quickly grows on you.

The game supported numerous different sound card setups for music, but this rip does not by any means replicate the original sound of the music, or at least not the "MPU-401", Adlib, or Soundblaster versions of the music (I had to pull out the game off my floppy disk and test it on DosBox=). As the person who did the rip, mirwais57, stated, "The files were converted from MT format using MTTOGM, but I'm not sure all the files converted correctly." The surprising result is a collection of rips that actually sound more like arranges.

One file in the archive, MENU.MID, did not actually appear in the game as far as I recollect, and may possibly be a bad rip by the conversion tool, seeing as the song sounds like bad MIDI-ized avant-guarde jazz. However seeing as all the songs are pretty quirky, I wouldn't be surprised if it were a song that didn't end up being used or something.

The other songs vary in their sound a bit. The first in-game song sounds drastically different from the original and has a happier, more upbeat tone to it. The title music and 4th and 5th in-game themes all sound close to the MPU-401 versions in the game, while the boss theme and 2nd in-game theme sound closer to the soundblaster version. The interesting thing about the second in-game theme is that the ripped version is much more intricate and eclectic than the original ever was, and is absolutely beautiful. The third ingame theme is fairly close to the original, but the ripped version seems to suggest blues influences, while the original did not by any means. The disappointing thing about it is that what was once a wailing, howling choir solo was converted to a trumpet(or very high tuba?), and the pitch bends were poorly done, so much of the soul of the song was lost.

Long story short, if you want something accurate, you'll be quite unhappy, but if you don't mind listening to music with an arranged/remixed sound, I highly recommend checking this out.

Legend of Kyrandia 3: Game rip
"musicvvvvvvvvvvv" (by Dimyan, 8 Jan 2009) [4/10]

Mega Man 9: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Pure gold to write to" (by jb, 6 Jan 2009) [10/10]
F-ing awesome!! THANK U now I dont need u tube to write my newest mega song

Magma Man
Running to battle again,
in a flaming dragons den,
get ready to go where no other good guy has been.

I'm the Magma Man the odd robot without the hands.
Come & see the flame the reason why I have the name.

I love the heat,
a toasty treat,
I love to share,
with those I meet.

See my weapon flair,
I know you don't fight fair,
cause my weakness is,
the tornado air!

See me!

I'm the mighty Magma Man!
Come and get me if you can!
Jumping fire robot,
tin can that is so hot, The Man!

UN Squadron: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Faithful" (by jb, 6 Jan 2009) [3/10]
The sound font is good but the notes dont hit right.

Pinball Fantasies Deluxe: Game rip
"Jackpot" (by Kontra, 5 Jan 2009) [9/10]
This is one of those games that you (I at least did) play mostly for its music. I remember that I always listened the whole 4:50 game intro when I started playing, and on the ghost board I stopped the ball with the flipper just to listen to the music. All the tunes suit perfectly the board themes. Thanks again for the orginals!

Jazz Jackrabbit: Game rip
"Jazz Rockrabbit" (by Kontra, 5 Jan 2009) [10/10]
This music is simply EPIC, it never gets old. Thanks for these *.mods, they sound just like the orginals. Menu screen, Tubelectric, Medivo & Chrysilis are the most bestest of this lot.

Age Of Empires 2: The Conquerors: Game rip
"Perfect!" (by FragMan!, 29 Dec 2008) [10/10]
These midi files are completely faithful with the CD tracks. Seems like they're the original music recorded on CD sequenced by the fellas from Ensemble Studios. Thanks a lot for uploading this.

All songs but one of them are from the Age of Empires 2 normal version, without it's expansion pack The Conquerors.

Marble Madness: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"So What?" (by bleh, 23 Dec 2008) [1/10]
Okay, Dr. Spa, like it ever occurred to you that someone actually ATTEMPTED to make something like this? Besides, I have to agree with Butterfist. It was my first try, and the NES version isn't as catchy as the GBA version. So yeah, I gave myself a 1. It's not really that much of a good composition anyway. I could always try harder.

Fury of the Furries: Game rip
"Nick Fury :D" (by Orbay, 23 Dec 2008) [10/10]
Good game with 4 characters (yellow, red, green and blue) interchangeable. As the name suggests they are FURY!!.

Watched the longplay and listened the music. Every track is just splendid!.

Thanks all who gave effort in making these Mods.

I recommend the game and soundtrack to everyone!!!

Manchester United Europe: Game rip
"Archmedes Version" (by teshy, 23 Dec 2008) [10/10]
I remember playing this game on the Acorn Archimedes A3000 and i recognised the tune and how it was very close to the Amiga version

Water Bugs: Game rip
"*Quality* easy listening" (by J, 23 Dec 2008) [10/10]
These tunes have very nice and easy melodies, percussion backgrounds are decent and are not 'pushing themselves to the front' of musical 'picture'.
Overall tunes sound New age style, but I can't say they are weird or too dreamy.

Subtle instrumental and melodic sub-parts add to 'high resolution' quality of compositions and you might find something new when re-listening.
Every tune in this package is different, yet true to group style.

Instruments mostly used are flute, strings, saxophone and hi-hats...

For overall implementation in its genre I give this tunes max rating and recommend that while bothering to read this review you reward yourself with fine tunes from this package.

RuneScape: Game rip
"where do i save to?" (by warchamp, 22 Dec 2008) [7/10]
where do i save the file to?

Jazz Jackrabbit: Game rip
"Yeeeeaaah!!!" (by caffeine, 22 Dec 2008) [10/10]
I love this stuff. It really does bring it all back. Tracks like these are why I started synthesizing music of my own. Like many my favourite is Medivo, followed by Tubelectric. The composer sticks with basic melody and rythms, but layers and mixes them so well that they blow my mind.

Cosmo Bots: Game rip
"Great music & style" (by J, 22 Dec 2008) [9/10]
Music style is mix between modern (1994) dance-trance style and old school C64 chip tunes/technique.
Overall it sounds great, dynamic and there are no dull parts.

"cosmo1" tune is used in intro/main menu (on PC version at least) and is superb (if you hear *whole* tune)!

"cosmo2" tune (N/A in this package) is also awesome (although it 'gets in ear' too quickly) and too bad it is unavailable here for download. Emphasis in this tune is on C64 'feel'.

"cosmo3" tune is to admit it a little too repetitive and generally lacks dynamics compared to previous two, but is otherwise fine tune in this collection.

"cosmo4" tune is a faster variation of "cosmo2" with a different intro part and more overall percussion but is otherwise identical on melodic part (this one has less C64 'feel')

"cosmo5" tune (N/A in this package) is a progressive piece which follows dynamics of other tunes in this package, sounds appropriate at a later levels as a "goodbye tune" when you are near end of game.


Originally in PC version there are 5 tunes (cosmo1, cosmo2, cosmo3, cosmo4 and cosmo5)

Also, in PC version tunes are in MO3 format. (MO3 is is the evolution of module format in a way that samples can be in 16 bit MP3 format which leads to not only smaller module filesize (here about 9x) but also higher quality sound.)

By comparing sound of MO3 tunes from PC version (via Winamp plugin with all sound enhancement options turned off) to these plain modules it seems that MO3 tunes sound marginally crispier.

Raptor: Game rip
"Pure Awesome" (by Rsteffy, 21 Dec 2008) [8/10]
There is alot of potential in these songs, Im sick of music on radio, all the same, but these songs are fantastic. Good times

Speedball 2: Game rip
"Speedball 2" (by Sweedy44, 20 Dec 2008) [10/10]
The firt one title !

Killing Game Show, The: Game rip
"Killing Game ShOw" (by Sweedy44, 20 Dec 2008) [10/10]
Great Tracks !!!
ingame4 is one of best games tracks !

Ultima 8: Game rip
"Memory Lane" (by Franky, 19 Dec 2008) [9/10]
Wow, how nice it is to listen to this brilliant soundtrack. U8: Pagan and Daggerfall are two of the greatest games ever made.

Everquest: Game rip
"The Addiction" (by argothio, 13 Dec 2008) [10/10]
I used to dream this music. The Music made the game and now we can all get a piece of that feeling it gave us all if only for a moment. Thank you so much for the site.

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