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Mystic Towers: Game rip
"Lazarine" (by Warcow, 19 Dec 2011) [5/10]
I'm not as fond of this music as the other reviewers here, some parts are good but overall I find it very average.

Alone In The Dark 2: Game rip
"9 is the magic number" (by Warcow, 12 Dec 2011) [9/10]
This soundtrack is a really, really good soundtrack with romantic, pirate-inspired and with some Christmas influences. I have listened to it countless times and I'm not bored of it yet. The composer is a bit unknown to me too but a very talanted one. I actually had the original cd with this game (with soundtrack playable in a cd-player) years ago but fortunately I found the mp3 rip on the net.

Diablo (Blizzard): Game rip
"Stay a while and listen" (by Warcow, 16 Nov 2011) [9/10]
The town and the first dungeon songs are really good in my opinion and I also really enjoy the intro song and the tune when being in the hell levels. The whole atmosphere of those songs are great with medieval/gothic type of melodies and some with plain evil music. The other songs, Catacombs and Caves, are a bit ambient but with a few melodic parts here and there, one of them contains an electric guitar. I think it is a soundtrack that grows more and more so it requires atleast a couple of listenings before it can be fully appreciated, atleast it was that way for me.

Doom 2: Game rip
"Hell on earth" (by Warcow, 16 Nov 2011) [9/10]
Just as good as the first game's soundtrack with songs that makes it a pleasure to play the game. A funny thing is that Bobby have used some parts from some metalsongs (Pantera, Alice in chains and Slayer for example) but have turned them around and made his own trademark on those parts and made new cool songs out of them. The songs I'm referring to are Dead simple, Courtyard and Barrels o fun. The slightly re-made Wolfenstein songs in the hidden maps are also cool.

Doom: Game rip
"IDDQD, IDKFA and IDSPISPOPD/IDCLIP" (by Warcow, 16 Nov 2011) [9/10]
Can't believe I haven't made a review on this classic soundtrack yet but here it goes. Started playing it along with Wolfenstein 3-D in 1993 and I immediately got hooked on the music (that I appreciate most when playing games really) that are really evil, melancholic and creepy. The songs fits the game superb and there's a vast variety in the songs. (Side note: It's weird how the cheat codes to this game seem to be permanentely burned into my brain.)

Unreal Tournament: Game rip
"New to trackers" (by akira2k, 28 Oct 2011) [10/10]
Amazing, epic game, epic soundtrack.
Miss the days i played this on my Dreamcast.
This is a must have/download pack of .IT music.

Apano Sin: Game rip
"ho hum" (by Razorback, 6 Oct 2011) [5/10]
Bland fast technoish tunes. A bit dated and dull.

ShadowWraith: Game rip
"Very nice" (by 5260, 5 Sep 2011) [8/10]
I didn't play the game much (only had a demo), But the track "Stardust" really caught my attention! Now I have it!!!

Lucky my Linux music player(ubuntu 9.04) can play this type of sound, or I would be outta luck. I guess it could be converted to mp3 for people, but never get rid of the original, of course.

Gun.Smoke: Game rip
"No (Gun)smoking please" (by Warcow, 28 Aug 2011) [8/10]
I had to make an update on this one and upgrade the score on it. Cool cowboy tunes and the second song in the archive is a real classic, would be awesome if they put it in a soundtrack to a spaghettiwestern-movie.

Strider: Game rip
"Cypher" (by Warcow, 28 Aug 2011) [7/10]
A great game with a pretty original soundtrack and cool ideas. Since the archive is combined with both music and soundeffects/short ingametunes, it's difficult to make an overall rating but I'll judge only on the music, which I mostly like. Personal favourites are Raid and Mass of cloud.
And I agree with Mirsoft, it was a game that was way ahead of its time. It's still cool to play today (of course it doesn't hurt to be a fan of old games when playing).

Hi Octane: Game rip
"I was amazed to hear that kind of sound..." (by pazhosch, 21 Aug 2011) [10/10]
...without buying game CD's, and before (well, after, but most people haven't heard yet, and anyway it would be too much CPU load for the game) invention of mp3. The game is quite dynamic and not boring, even though there are only 6 different tracks. I really liked both this game and it's music.

About game soundfonts - the file is: SOUND/BULLFROG.SBK in the game dir, standard version 1 soundfont, so all what is needed is to find and download the game. I did today and even enjoyed playing it in DOSbox for a while. Only pity can't put (I still have) my old AWE32 board to the computer, due to lack of ISA slot in the latter. :(

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers: Game rip
"A many in one package" (by Juggernaut, 2 Aug 2011) [8/10]
The rip is very good, no complaints there. Though I was a little surprised and disappointed that all the tunes are in one file. I really like it better when each tune has its own file.

Super Mario RPG: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Awesome remixes" (by JaadWoro, 11 Jul 2011) [10/10]
Almost all tunes of this pack are of excellent quality. If you ever played this awesome game you will enjoy them!

Breath of Fire 2: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Nice remixes" (by JaadWoro, 11 Jul 2011) [10/10]
Really remixes... These tunes are even better than the ones in the game :) 10!

Deus Ex: Game rip
"EXCELLENT!" (by JaadWoro, 28 Jun 2011) [10/10]
There is no other word to describe such astonishingly awesome music! My fav track are:

  1. Begin the end

  2. The Illuminati

  3. Deus Ex Club Mix

  4. Conspiravision

Wing Commander 2: Game rip
"Good music" (by JaadWoro, 28 Jun 2011) [10/10]
Really nice muzak. I've never played this game but the music is really nice & easy to listen too.

Strike Commander: Game rip
"Wow, nice music" (by JaadWoro, 28 Jun 2011) [10/10]
Can't believe that I didn't download this earlier :p
Great music!

Speris Legacy, The: Game rip
"Stuff Kool" (by JaadWoro, 28 Jun 2011) [10/10]
Ambient tunes nice, this pack are in ;)
I really like Tunnel and Sanddune.

Castlevania 4: Game rip
"Good compilation" (by JaadWoro, 28 Jun 2011) [10/10]
Very complete list of tunes from Castlevania 4 + some nice gems like: Castlevania 4 Variations, castle4 and Theme of Simon Belmont... NICE!

Captain Commando: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Humph." (by JaadWoro, 28 Jun 2011) [5/10]
Way more average than I expected.

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