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Terminal Velocity: Game rip
"What a trip" (by DRDRUKQS, 23 Oct 2008) [10/10]
WOW. That's all I have to say. I haven't heard any of this in over 10 years. No joke. This will always be the best music in the world.

Phantasy Star: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"old-fashioned beauty" (by shambo, 16 Oct 2008) [8/10]
Awesome soundtrack...god, my old master system times...

Genso Suikoden Ongakushu Produced by Kentaro Haneda
"Awsome arranged music from the gensoSuikoden series" (by MuniHOuseN, 11 Oct 2008) [9/10]
A great album with plently of orchestral melodies. A mix of quartets, paino & violin duets and Brilliant flutes. Truly a great album.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Game rip
"THANK YOU!!!" (by Ruen, 10 Oct 2008) [10/10]
THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH :D i've looked for this music everywhere, i played the game when i was a kid and miss the music ^^

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Awesome!" (by Zelda, 6 Oct 2008) [9/10]
I'm using some of this music for a school talent act in a talent show!!!

Black Crypt: Game rip
"Nice game" (by StriderCZ, 4 Oct 2008) [10/10]
Black Crypt is nice Game,but don T any have music from game Crystal Dragon? If yes, pls send to me on email sstrider@seznam.cz

Deus Ex: Game rip
"Best Game Music Ever" (by Omar, 26 Sep 2008) [9/10]
The music all over the game was superb especially in Hongkong ........

One Must Fall 2097: Game rip
"Regarding PRELUDE and INTRO tunes..." (by SaxxonPike, 24 Sep 2008) [10/10]
There are two games: One Must Fall, and One Must Fall 2097. Prelude and Intro belong to the first. There are only 7 songs in OMF2097 which are the S3M format ones in this archive.

Rated 10 because of the amazing quality for the small size.

I'd also like to add that the original format is MTM and has been included in AMP:

The songs of the original format sound way better. The ones in the Mirsoft archive suffer slightly from inaccuracies of the conversion process. Thank you C.C.Catch!

Need For Speed 2: Original soundtrack
"saki kaskas" (by erikadaluca, 23 Sep 2008) [8/10]
need for speed ii se

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Game rip
"Jazz Jack rabbit 2- Ultra Cool-sexy Music." (by eric, 17 Sep 2008) [10/10]
The music is just sexy, mindblowing, and rocking. I love this music and its difficult to leave without it. Alexander Brandon, Robert Allen, Sean Hiller, Bryan Rudge have done a ultra cool job of making the music.
I like this music of Jazz jackrabbit 2 more then the music of Enrique, Akon, Linkin Park, BackStreet, Blue etc.

Pickle Wars: Game rip
"Another masterpiece by Bobby Prince" (by Verbatim, 14 Sep 2008) [10/10]
I dont know this Game or played it but its again a Masterpiece from Bobby Prince :), i like all the Bobby Prince compositions

The Doom and Duke Nukem Arrangements are the best from him.


Matthias :)

Duke Nukem 3D: Game rip
"What should i say :)" (by Verbatim, 14 Sep 2008) [10/10]
Again a Masterpiece from the Masters Bobby (Robert) Prince & Lee Jackson.

With partial rocked Songs and the deep mystic ones from Bobby Prince, which would fit in the Doom Game also.

The sequenced quality of Midi Files are excellent ;)

And should be played with a good Synthesizer like a XG compatible Tonegenerator, Keyboard, Soundcard like Yamaha Devices :)

Imperishable Night: Game rip
"ZUN Does It Again!" (by bleh, 10 Sep 2008) [10/10]
Having to play Imperishable Night was a blast! And ZUN's music (Yet Again) blew me away! I give the biggest support to ZUN and the best wishes to Project Shrine Maiden!!!

Pokemon: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"More Tunes, Please" (by Strife89, 9 Sep 2008) [7/10]
Here's hoping that some music from other generations are added. My favorite tune is the Gym Leader Battle theme from the Ruby/Sapphire games.

Dark Forces: Game rip
"It's got the Star Wars feel to it alright..." (by JayRenegade, 6 Sep 2008) [8/10]
I remember playing this game when I was 18. A friend came over and brought it to me when I had just purchased a new computer. I played this game on my brand new Pentium 100 back in 1997. It was awesome. Glad to hear this music again... I'll replay the game one of these days and relive the glorious days of a bygone era.

This thing's also got Sam&Max music in it for some reason. Not sure why, but screw it... the Sam&Max music was better than Dark Forces' anyway.

Blood Money: Game rip
"Blood Money "Where is the Money"" (by The Pioneer, 6 Sep 2008) [10/10]
Now. One. Of. The. Most. Influential.
Get Up, Get Up, Oi You, Where is the Money?

Harry Enfield voice is in this, Stavros, the Greek chef.

Listen Carefully.. "Shut your mouth and look at my wad!"

Corkin' tracks, genuis of Pygnosis. But first there was Menace.

Beneath a steel sky: Game rip
"Beneath a Steel Sky" (by The Pioneer, 6 Sep 2008) [6/10]
I remember buying a Demo of this with Amiga Format (Best Amiga mag going at the time). Still have the mag and disk! Same game set up/interface as Monkey Island, Another World et al. Still, must have made an impression as I am mentioning it here, can't remember the music though? 6/10 for interface and graphics, not much to say about the story, demo only.

Max Payne: Original soundtrack
"wrong!" (by refzem, 1 Sep 2008) [5/10]
okay , so dL, only got the Piano Theme not the whole tracklist.... whats wronG?

Unreal (Epic Megagames): Game rip
"Very Good Thank You ! =D" (by refzem, 1 Sep 2008) [9/10]
I've been trying to get this music for a while, its pretty good, brings back some old gaming moments :D
Anyway I lost my Unreal Cd and all that long time ago, so couldn't get the music from there...
Just a fast download, unpacked and everything worked great. Plays good in VLC (<3)
Even though its not as epic as the unreal Tournament music ,its still very nice to listen to.


Dizzy 6: Prince of the YolkFolk: Game rip
"early 90's feeling" (by Daggore, 1 Sep 2008) [7/10]
This tune is quite simply made, but it gets to the point: being "fantasy-alike" and give the player the feeling about the world of the game.There are semi classical pieces, with funky intermezzo.The feeling of it is very nice, it remembers the "easy" kind of the game.When games were games, and not incredible big miscellanea of everything.

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