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One Must Fall 2097: Game rip
"Just one word: SPLENDID!" (by Daemon, 13 Jan 2008) [9/10]
Ahhh, good old times... This music gets me right into the 1994. Skies were clear, PCs were slow, and life was great. Excellent music for excellent game.

Lotus 3: Game rip
"the best.." (by collosus, 11 Jan 2008) [10/10]
the music from the lotus series is one of the best arround amiga 500 for a lot of people.. a lot of people likes more the lotus II songs, but there are some good from lotus III also :)

Blood and Magic: Game rip
"Excellent" (by Juggernaut, 8 Jan 2008) [10/10]
Very good music. The only problem with the package is the names of the files. The original filenames are hard to remember.

Pocket Tanks: Game rip
"Great Themes!" (by Dr. Spa, 6 Jan 2008) [9/10]
I agree with J. Whilst the title tune is a bit unmelodic, but the ingame is very good. My tracker never seemed to play them right, because of all the channels. However, from listening to them in the game, I say these are a must-download!

Lands Of Lore: Game rip
"Title from different Tunes" (by mishRa, 4 Jan 2008) [8/10]
Great, great, great music!
I love Klepacki, it's one the best composers of video game music.

Can anybody tell me the locations or situations from the different MIDs?
Westwood.mid = Developer Tune
Lands_61 = Forest Tune

Pocket Tanks: Game rip
"Quality stuff" (by J, 2 Jan 2008) [9/10]
Ok, so there are two tunes in this 375KB package:

pocket.it -> "Pocket Tanks (intro)"
ingame.it -> "Pocket Tanks (ingame)"

The first one can be described as "cute", nothing more.

But the second one seems very quality made.
By "very quality made" I mean that the samples
are HQ and there are over 42 channels used!!
The style is serious and it seems like it is from some movie. But don't get me wrong, it IS melodic.
I recommend you to add this package to your mod collection.

Day of the Tentacle: Game rip
"'Introduction' tune" (by Dr. Spa, 2 Jan 2008) [8/10]
The only memories I have of this game was from the trailer I saw on a 1996 magazine cover CD. The tune which was played in the backround was the introduction midi (track 1). I'd download this archive just for that one song. It's a great instrumental song which has a lot of character and sort of tells a story even without the pictures or words. This is the sort of thing that would sound great in a musical or opera - something that tells a story.

I'm sorry I'm only talking about 1 of many, but I just want to emphasize how good this one is. Happy new year 2008!

Sims, The: Game rip
"Great Game = Great tunes = Long Review" (by Dr. Spa, 2 Jan 2008) [10/10]
If you're a fan of what some people call "elevator music", then you'll love some of these. The buy, build and neighbourhood tunes are all good pieces of music, that would be the sort of thing you'd hear in a mall or very fancy elevators! The other tunes are from the sims radio stations, which play when a sim turn on their boombox or stereo. Some of these tunes have words that are sung by voice artists, but are in gibberish, or according to the producers "simlish". The sims is one of those very big games that most people have heard of and many own. Despite not being mentioned on Mirsoft, I'd also like to acknowledge all of the great music on the sims expansion packs. The best are particularly Unleashed, Hot Date and for eerie music lovers, Makin' Magic. House party also experimented in adding more radio stations to the old "Rock, Country and Classical". I forget exactly what they are, but I remember it had some dance, techno and even surf tunes! Who says MP3s are no good??!

Age Of Empires: Original soundtrack
"Where... Where Can I find IT? :(" (by uripawah, 31 Dec 2007) [1/10]
Does anyone know where can I get these songs? I\'m looking for them desespratly but I don\'t find anyplace where download them

Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals: Game rip
"Lufia II means better soundtrack" (by Maxim, 27 Dec 2007) [10/10]
If you like music from Lufia I, you will definitely love it from the second game.
You can say: Great game + quality soundtrack = Lufia II :).
Like in Lufia I this music can cheer you up too. Some of the tunes are short, but they are longer than in the first game, so it doesn't really matter. They create happy or sad atmosphere, or even "battle" atmosphere, when you are listening to them.
So, you need my recommendation? Try Battle themes or something like Last Duel or For the Saviour. You will like it :).

To listen, or not to listen, - that is the question!
To listen, of course! If you didn't play the game you are missing much. But if you are bored download the soundtrack :).

Lufia & The Fortress of Doom: Game rip
"In bad mood? Listen Lufia soundtrack." (by Maxim, 27 Dec 2007) [9/10]
What's better than listening to music when you are doing your housework or homework? If you are a Lufia fan the answer is: Listening to Lufia soundtrack of course! And that's right. Not too much people know about Lufia series of RPG games on SNES or GBC/GBA, but there are people who do. Music in these games are trully masterpieces. Lufia & The Fortress of Doom isn't exception. If you are sad or in bad mood, just forget about it and listen to some Lufia tunes. It is really helpfull :) (especially Boss battle theme).
The only drawback is their lenght. Some of them are short and they repeat too soon. But nothing to worry about.
Well, if you are here to download some music, you are doing the right thing. And that's for sure.

Marble Madness: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Disappointing" (by Dr. Spa, 25 Dec 2007) [2/10]
I would of thought that a game with so many remakes would have good music to go with it. This tune is dull, monotone and you probably wouldn't notice it in the game. To someone who is a crazed MM fan then download if you must, but regular people - it's not worth it!

Merry xmas all!

Lemmings: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Lemmings.MOD" (by Berserkz0r, 25 Dec 2007) [10/10]
Lemmings.MOD sounds almost exactly like the music from the Acorn Archimedes version.. is it from this version? I've been looking for something like this because I think the Archimedes had the best music of all!

Contra: Arranged/Remixed tunes
":) Ownage (:" (by Dimension-4, 24 Dec 2007) [9/10]
All tunes here are great, but it should have some more :)
I noticed that tunes are as following:
1: No tune :(
2: Contra2B, Contra, Contra-X
3: No tune :(
4: Contra2B, Contra, Contra-X
5: GryZor, Lis Vender Contra - Snow Field
6: GryZor2
7: No tune :(
8: No tune :(
1-8: MegaMix

Settlers 2, The: Game rip
"Torrent" (by Arancaytar, 24 Dec 2007) [10/10]
I sent this music to someone, and they are now available through BitTorrent. Tracker is on TPB:


Quake: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Q U A K E" (by Dr. Spa, 24 Dec 2007) [8/10]
This is the first time I've seen MOD remixes of Quake! I personally think that Quake is the best shoot 'em up game ever!!! The great thing about this music is that the original WAV soundtracks from Quake has been made from a proper well-known band - Nine Inch Nails! The one by SUDS is really good because of its use of sound effects. After some time it includes LOADS of brutal noises - Rottweilers, Death sounds, Shooting noises, Ogre grunts and much more pain noises! The one by Dreamsection is outstanding!! Actually from Quake 3 but who cares? It's cool! If you're a fan of Quake then this is a must-get.

Neon Wars: Game rip
"Another masterpiece by DNA-Groove!" (by Dr. Spa, 24 Dec 2007) [8/10]
This soundtrack is great! It's the sort of music that could really make a good game great! The ingame tune is the best, I think, so this is definitely a recommended download. If you like this, you'd also like:

Pocket Tanks

Super DX-Ball

and DX-Ball


Paperboy: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Experimental chip" (by Dr. Spa, 21 Dec 2007) [6/10]
I like the way th highscore tune is in slow motion. It makes me think someone is dragging me somewhere. For 10k get it!

Mortal Kombat: Deception: Game rip
"great" (by ak, 21 Dec 2007) [10/10]

Overdrive: Game rip
"The main tune rocks" (by Jojo, 19 Dec 2007) [8/10]
Overdrive has fantastic music, especially the main tune is so beautiful. I couldn't believe that the MOD file is so small before I opened it myself. Allister put alot of effort into these tunes, they sound very, very good!

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