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Unreal Tournament: Nali Chronicles: Game rip
"snarch... how boooring..." (by Shinobi, 3 Jul 2007) [3/10]
Man, what's this? Is this music intended to make the listener fall asleep? I thought this was the music of a shooter. Unreal Tournament is a fast action game and it's excellent original music score really pushes you.
Even if you want some music to relax, this won't please you. It has been no fun to listen to these tracks. I was relieved when the last song was over. Boooooring!

Unreal Tournament - Maps Music
"dissappointing." (by Shinobi, 3 Jul 2007) [4/10]
I only liked 2 of those tracks: "Morose" and "Submarinebase 2" are really good, all other tracks are boooooring. Worth downloading for the 2 tracks I mentioned, but the other songs really drag the rating down.

Unreal Tournament: NeoCairo: Game rip
"Worth listening..." (by Shinobi, 3 Jul 2007) [5/10]
...but not much more. I've been pretty disappointed, expecting more high quality sounds like those from "Unreal Tournament". Still, some tracks are not bad (especially some parts of "waves" where nice), while others are noisy. When playing a game, they are ok, but for just listening, they are not good enough overall.

Unreal (Epic Megagames): Game rip
"Very atmospheric" (by Shinobi, 3 Jul 2007) [9/10]
These tunes are both versatile but also they have a common line. You get action-pounded beats but also atmospheric tunes. Excellent. But, as you can expect, since there is such a variety, not all sounds fully meet my taste. So "only" 9/10.

Unreal Tournament: Game rip
"Wow!!" (by Shinobi, 3 Jul 2007) [9/10]
That's some great music! Most tracks get 10/10 by me, but there are some that are not perfect, so overall "only" 9/10! ;-)

Jazz Jackrabbit: Game rip
"Very good music" (by Shinobi, 3 Jul 2007) [8/10]
These are some excellent tracks, but you have to keep in mind that since they are pretty old, there are some technical limitations to the sound quality. Still, a "must have"!

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Game rip
"gRRRRRRRRRReat!" (by Shinobi, 3 Jul 2007) [9/10]
This is some EXCELLENT piece of music. Still, some tracks might still be a LITTLE better, but all in all it's allmost perfect. GET IT NOW! :-)

Jazz Jackrabbit 3: Game rip
"Far not as good as Jazz 2 or even Jazz 1" (by Shinobi, 3 Jul 2007) [6/10]
These tunes are A LOT poorer than those of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, and are even surpassed by those of Jazz 1. Still, they are worth hearing, but you will be really disappointed if you expect another great Jazz music compilation.

Jazz Jackrabbit: Game rip
"Woohoo" (by Blade_Train3r, 2 Jul 2007) [9/10]
Being a retrogamer I also search for retro music, and Jazz Jackrabbit has topped my personal charts for some time (next to Raptor)

Jumping Jackson: Game rip
"Great songs" (by rawclaw, 2 Jul 2007) [9/10]
The only rock i ever liked.. I made a tape with the songs and used to listen to it on my walkman

Blues Brothers, the: Game rip
"I love this music" (by rawclaw, 2 Jul 2007) [8/10]
The music in this game always made me trip as a kid. I used to play the game a lot because I wanted to listen to the music.

Unreal Tournament: Game rip
"I luv UT and it's music" (by Lord_Jacky, 1 Jul 2007) [10/10]
The kickass tracks from UT are just so great I could listen to them all day. And as a mapper I often need to choose the according music for my maps, and I tell ya it's not easy because there are so much good tunes. I realy hope Unreal future versions will not be as lame as UT2003 & UT2004 came out to be.

Pocky & Rocky: Game rip
"Midis..." (by Kintaro, 29 Jun 2007) [9/10]
Now, i have downloaded this file but i cant open the files. The Music, Midis! Which program i need to open it?

Rambo: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Stallone in action" (by Tepe, 26 Jun 2007) [7/10]
Tune from the movie is great and original game title tune and this remixed versions also. Remixed versions is little bit worse. Title tunes start is great but after then something i feel it is strenuous

R-Type: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Atari version" (by Tepe, 26 Jun 2007) [6/10]
Chris Huelsbeck make Amiga version tunes. Atari versions are other composer. I notice that after i download tunes. Sad because i hoping that i get great title tune by Chris Huelsbeck

Slam Tilt: Game rip
"slam tilt" (by wubble, 25 Jun 2007) [7/10]
delete this please cos dang I messed it up

Walker: Game rip
"Mass Slaughter" (by wubble, 25 Jun 2007) [8/10]
Not to mention Grand Theft Auto - But I think Walker has a higher body count ;) The Main title music is good with lots of funky voice samples but it goes on a bit.

Prince of Persia: Game rip
"Prince saves the princess" (by Tepe, 25 Jun 2007) [7/10]
Amiga versions are little different. I played prince of persia in both machines and i think it is very playable game this time and future. Tunes are simple but make good atmosphere in game

PowerMonger: Game rip
"Turn up volume" (by Tepe, 25 Jun 2007) [2/10]
or you dont hear anything or maybe it is better
One instrument and little more 3 min long. Not much to tell childrens childs

Populous: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"God game" (by Tepe, 25 Jun 2007) [8/10]
Best game idea ever. Tune reflect good and bad fighting together. I like especially choir part in this tune

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