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Hired Guns: Game rip
"excellent" (by winuae2, 10 Mar 2008) [10/10]
me and my brother think that this game&musics amazing ı am still listening mycellphone

Gateway 2 Homeworld: Game rip
"Excellent soundtrack that complimented the game beautifully" (by Mac, 9 Mar 2008) [9/10]
Text-based adventures were very much on their way out when Gateway 2 was released, but it lived to seen to its full maturity of the genre. The music was mostly original and despite sounding occassionally 'too electronic' on FM midi, it firmly cemented the emotional feel of the game. This game was honestly scored better than many movies are.

The tension in track 21 is especially engaging and track 3 has a groove to it while carry a whimsical feel. Any musician wanting to get a little inspiration for a diffrent sound can probably find a bit on a few listens through, as there a few tracks that stand well alone outside of the game.

Silpheed: Game rip
"Great Music" (by ivionday, 4 Mar 2008) [9/10]
Very catchy, happy tunes that conjure up the memory of being at my aunt's house and playing Silpheed on their weird little IBM PS/2 computer. All in all a very mysterious game for a 10 year old. The music rip is great, especially if you can play it on an OPL3 MIDI synthesizer to approximate the old FM synth sound. This rip has all the tracks strung together in one MIDI file, so it's a little hard to browse through them.

Larry 6: Game rip
"one of the best midi tunes i've heard" (by Vibe, 2 Mar 2008) [10/10]
Various and emotional, a bit ironic music, perfectly done in General Midi standart. Try listening to it with a decent GM-bank (Fluid v3 in my case) to get the best impression. Great work of composer/arranger.

Smash: Game rip
"Trans-x Cover" (by Jonas, 1 Mar 2008) [5/10]
Cover of Trans-xs one hit wonder Living on video. And I love that song. Who havent heared that catchy synth-tune?

This cover is also good :)

Shadow of the Beast: Game rip
"Zzzzzzzz" (by Jonas, 1 Mar 2008) [1/10]
Whats so special about the tunes for this game?
Simple and boring!

Pinball Fantasies: Game rip
"The intro song is great!" (by Jonas, 27 Feb 2008) [9/10]
I first heared this on the DOS-version on an old pc-computer. The intro tune gets really catchy when the melodic riffs starts kicking out from about 02:21.
The other songs for this game are not so good though.

Jazz Jackrabbit 3: Game rip
"Such a disappointment" (by Ravenpulse, 27 Feb 2008) [3/10]
i really had good expectations with this one, it doesnt even compare with jazz2 which has the best game music ever made.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Game rip
"outstanding" (by Ravenpulse, 27 Feb 2008) [10/10]
i would have never guessed game music could bring such emotion. Some of the tracks i never even heard in jazz2. its awesome!

Contra: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Not as good as Super Contra (or Super C)" (by Dr. Spa, 24 Feb 2008) [7/10]
I'm not that keen on the "enemy fortress" theme and I think the only reason I like Lis Vender's is because of the samples and her other remixes. The megamix is good though!!! It sounds like a brilliantly improved and resampled NESMusa song!

I prefer the songs from Super Contra (or C), but that might be because I have the game, whilst I don't have Contra.

Mega Man X2: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"all but one." (by ShadowWulfen, 20 Feb 2008) [7/10]
most of these are good...'cept one that sucks more than anything. Megaman_X2-Medley.mid. stay away...trust me.

Agony: Game rip
"Boring stuff" (by Jonas, 18 Feb 2008) [2/10]
Pretty boring..

Cant see why it gets so good rating.

Alien 3: Game rip
"This style of amiga music sucks" (by Jonas, 18 Feb 2008) [1/10]
Ambient psychedelic crap. Nothing for me. I like melodic catchy stuff.

Mortal Kombat: Game rip
"Finish him!" (by Warcow, 18 Feb 2008) [8/10]
The music to the first Mortal Kombat game on Amiga has some cool music with asian influences.

Deus Ex: Game rip
"ZOMG!" (by General_Antilles, 18 Feb 2008) [5/10]


Mega Man X: Game rip
"not quite..." (by ShadowWulfen, 15 Feb 2008) [2/10]
i uh...beg to differ Gorn...not the best threre is man.

Age Of Wonders: Game rip
"Perfect In-Game Music" (by MightyArchangel, 13 Feb 2008) [9/10]
I never remember that I turned off music while playing Age of Wonders, because these tunes fit game world perfectly(especially those playing during combat map).

Pinball Illusions: Game rip
"Average" (by Razorback, 12 Feb 2008) [6/10]
Definitely not the best pinball soundtrack I've heard. I was disappointed myself. Not terrible but I expected much better.

Pekka Kana 2: Game rip
"Happy go lucky" (by Razorback, 12 Feb 2008) [3/10]
Merry blend of arcadey tunes, but nothing that will keep your interest for very long. More likely to annoy than enjoy.

Painium Disaster: Game rip
"Suprisingly good!" (by Razorback, 12 Feb 2008) [8/10]
Nice moody electronic music. Very well composed. One or two miss the mark, but all in all a good collection. Give it a try.

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