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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 3.November, 2023.
Made in Slovakia.
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Friday, 3.November, 2023.

Welcome to another year of a cumulative update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods! I'm happy to say that this time it was really a "quality over quantity" update. That means, not really many archives, but the few ones are real jewels! You can figure it out yourself. Many thanks to all submitters for their endless patience on getting their submits online Smiley Actually, are you perhaps asking how am I? I'm fine, thanks. Just getting a bit older and older :o>

Monday, 3.October, 2022.

Greetings from the dark crypts of old game music! You will be surprised but there is still something to update and I'm totally impressed how nice pieces you guys submit! And feel totally sorry it always takes so long time to provide the site update. The reason for that is, as the system is getting "slightly" old (after couple of years Smiley ), I need to perform many things manually to be secure and even a simple site update takes me very significant time and is error-prone. Any change to this would mean refactoring whole system and that would mean it would loose its impressive performance and dusty old-school flavour (+it would take a lot of effort...). So I'm keeping it for now as is, just to let you know - enjoy new update World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods and see ya likely in the next year!

Thursday, 1.July, 2021.

We still live our happy lives and as a proof, the update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods is coming in this year as well! This time it's more about quality rather than quantity on both fronts, which is good and appreciated. Enjoy!

Saturday, 23.May, 2020.

It sounds kinda strange, but this site survived many world political crisis within 20 years of its existence, and it seems even year 2020 won't stop its healthy life Smiley As a reward, I can bring you another fresh update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods. Nothing huge this time, but a few updates and new additions are definitely worth to find and listen to!

Sunday, 14.July, 2019.

Guess what. After almost one year, I finally found the time to collect all your submissions to prepare an additional awesome update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods ! Thanks especially to Kawocat (again!) for your endless support and high-quality submisssions. I know you waited for almost one year to get them here, but what it is against the flow in the universe ;)

And I would like to mention one more thing. Matt Montag, one of the trusty site visitors, sent me an interesting link to the Javascript player that plays very easily and quickly all the nice old-skool tunes (mods, mids and many more formats!) from the browser. There are some other players like it if you know where to look, but not exactly with the same goals (being user-friendly as a primary music player). Happy to post the link to the player here, because I really enjoyed not only playing the tunes, but also its old-skool look!

And last-but-not-least, we are already 20 years online. Not bad, isn't it? Smiley

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