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Sunday, 20.June, 2004.

Cool update of World of game MODs and World of game MIDs. The rest of Dr. Spa's contributions is here, as well as Demon's Crest soundtrack sent to me by CheapAlert. Thanks and enjoy! Smiley

Tuesday, 1.June, 2004.

After some time I looked at some more dusty sections of the pages and as result I updated Rock'n'Roll game page, where were added few missing images and infos. Now it should look again as well dedication to this great Amiga game (one of greatest I ever played Smiley ). Btw., did you know that Chris Eastwood released recently game called Hazard Ball and it'svery well based on the Rock'n'Roll, also with that great mouse control? If you liked that game, look here, it's really worth of try. And together with it, I was able to do small update of World of game MODs (near others, also with complete MOD soundtrack from full version of Hazard Ball Smiley ). Enjoy! Smiley

Monday, 24.May, 2004.

Small update of World of game MODs (first part from lot of new archives received thanks to Dr. Spa Smiley ) and one Duke Nukem 3D update of World of game MIDs (all files were named the soundtrack-like way Smiley ). Though small, enjoy Smiley

Wednesday, 12.May, 2004.

Ugh... Those were the days.. Anyway, welcome to another site update. This time it's something different comparing the regular updates. In this update I focused only on repairing the most pain points of the site, therefore only few archives are added and most of the additions are still waiting on my disk to process. However, the updated things have certain logic this time and they will sure make certain fans very happy.
Firstly, I finalized (with lot of help from Borg no. One) the PC Game Midi Ripping Guide, where you will find lot of info how to get Midi tunes from old DOS PC games.
Secondly, I made small archive update of World of Game MIDs, which contain especially cool Xtense's Blake Stone GM conversion and the Blackthorne Midi soundtrack - this is really long awaited piece and it was extracted using the previously mentioned midi ripping guide. Getting the music this way is very hard and time consuming work, but it's definitely worth of it. Smiley If someone will be able to setup the two computers environment and get some tunes from missing games, let me know, because I'm really very short of time recently Smiley
Well and thirdly, I added the navigation menu of the site on top of the screen. This should make the site navigation at least a bit more easy, I hope you will like it. The menu is in testing phase, so it may not work on some browsers.
Yes and lastly, I'd like to thank all the reviewers, which do great reviews in Reviews section. Especially thanks go to Dr. Spa, Warcow, Neo, mhex and lot more - your reviews are great! Smiley

Monday, 19.April, 2004.

This time it's something really special. HUGE update of World of game MODs ("only" 260MB of data were updated this time! Smiley ) and the something-more-above-normal update of World of game MIDs. Thanks fly especially to DarkHero and Dr. Spa, which provided me with real lot of new additions, but I cannot forget also to mention Xtense for his great Albion soundtrack sending, djDarkX for cool Mega Man 7 remix and Cyberunix.com for the old-new functioning archive mirror. And it may sound really unbelievable, but many more tunes are waiting for further processing, so await yet more! Smiley

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