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Wednesday, 7.April, 2004.

Not a big update of World of game Mods and World of game Mids. This time it's only small part of what I wanted to release and it's only released to test some small "secret" feature for me Smiley However, enjoy it and expect bigger update soon Smiley

Tuesday, 30.March, 2004.

After some time I decided to do something with the website engine. The most visible enhancement is probably absolutely new list of Game MODs Archive and Game MIDs Archive, which should be faster than previous one, offers some search/filter options, displays promised Tune ratings, and a lot more.
In the future I will try to look finally at the design of the website - current design is almost 6 years old and the first concept was to create the site in retro-style almost without any graphics (it actually contains very few graphics now, the only pictures at this page are the left "Mirsoft" logo, smileys and the "New" icon Smiley ). I know the current design is very terrible, and this situation resulted from the fact that I was always focused more on the functionality and not on the look. But now some sections seem to be a bit "too user-unfriendly", so as soon as some time will remain, I will think of something how to make the site a bit more "clear". Cross your fingers Smiley

Wednesday, 24.March, 2004.

Big update of World of game Mods and World of game Mids. This time it was mostly focused on correcting song data information about authors and archivers/rippers (especially in Game Mids section) and adding some songs to existing archives, but you can see also wholy new and great soundtracks like Speed Haste (in Mods section) or Caesar 2 (in Mids). And of course, a lot lot more, I hope you'll enjoy this great music Smiley

Friday, 19.March, 2004.

Another cute update of World of game Mods and World of game Mids. This time more mods than mids ;) Thanks go out to Dr. Spa for lot of contributions and reviews Smiley Btw., I plan to add average rating in the list of music records, coming from reviews Smiley I hope this will make the music more quality-descriptive Smiley

Monday, 8.March, 2004.

Just very fast, another update World of game Mods and World of game Mids. Before vacation I smashed almost all the great tunes from my disk to the archives, so you can download something during the time I'll not be there Smiley Look in the New section from each "world" Smiley to see what's new and enjoy! (of course, I'll be back Smiley )

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