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Last updated: 3.November, 2023.
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Tuesday, 31.August, 2004.

This bigger update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods means that I processed here all your submissions sent from you during August. Thanks a lot to Alpha 23, Dr. Spa, Pyramid Head and all others - your submissions were great and thank to you is this update really cool! Smiley

Friday, 30.July, 2004.

Before leaving on small holidays, I did quick update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods with the stuff that arrived to the disk this week (though only one tune in mods Smiley ). Enjoy! Smiley

Tuesday, 27.July, 2004.

Today happened another update of World of Game Mods, I cleaned up and processed the submissions from few kind people, who sent me their new remixes. Thanks and enjoy!

Friday, 23.July, 2004.

Hello! In this hot summer, I finally created the feedback forms! From now you can upload World of Game Mids/Mods files, send database updated and feedbacks via web-based interface! Just log in and you will see some added fields Smiley I prefer this way of contact comparing the "classic" mail sendings, because due to lot of spams/junks, it is possible to lost some mails from the classic mailbox.

Sunday, 18.July, 2004.

Hello in this sunny Sunday! (though maybe it's not sunny in your country and maybe it's not even Sunday Smiley ) Today I finished great Game Music Base engine update - thanks to cooperation with great abandonware game server OldGames.NU, from now many games and game music records on mirsoft.info have the direct link to download the corresponding full game from OldGames.NU (of course, if this download is available and possible)! And that's not all - soon will also other way be possible - so you will be able to download game music from mirsoft.info when you will be browsing OldGames.nu. Enjoy and long live the globalization SmileySmileySmiley

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