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Thursday, 4.December, 2008.

Another World of Game Mods and World of Game Mids update is coming and I'm serving it on your virtual table. Not so huge as previous one, but there are several very nice new pieces here. Take a look and check!

Tuesday, 20.May, 2008.

Well, the time has come. One HUGE World of Game Mods and World of Game Mids archive update is here. By this I mean that almost 150 archives were added/enhanced and my big thanks goes to all the contributors who uploaded their files during the whole half-year since the last update. Namely I have to thank especially Dr. Spa, Accatone and Starlord, as they uploaded really bigger amount of music and they needed to wait a bit longer time to process everything. However my thanks flies also to all the other patient people. Smiley

As I recently changed my job and still have low amount of time and connection to make updates and usual site management, please expect that also the updates in the future may not be very frequent. However, you don't need to worry about submissions, they won't be lost and will wait in patience for its chance (at least I hope nothing has been lost in last 9 years!) Smiley

Tuesday, 25.March, 2008.

Currently I found some issues with sending email notifications from the server. However I'm currently completely out of time to look for the cause of the issue. Because of the same reason (lag of free time) please expect that the archive update will be delayed.

Wednesday, 28.November, 2007.

Greetings, I'm happy to present you small update of World of Game Mods and World of Game Mids, enjoy it and check e.g. Cyril Cyberpung or Tsumera Pinball tunes in MODs section. They are cool ;)

Thursday, 27.September, 2007.

Greetz :D Another cute update of World of Game Mods and World of Game Mids is here. It even didn't delay so long as I was afraid and there are few very nice pieces now (what about Wings of Glory, T-Zero, Micro Machines 2 or Psycho Pinball? Smiley ). Anyways, enjoy and thanks to all contributors!

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