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Game music reviews from users

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1. Dr. Spa (265 reviews)
2. Warcow (249 reviews)
3. Tepe (127 reviews)
4. Darth Nefelim (88 reviews)
5. aLoner (51 reviews)
6. Anorak99 (42 reviews)
7. deepblue (40 reviews)
8. Neo (36 reviews)
9. sds (36 reviews)
10. Pyramid Head (35 reviews)

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Star Control 2: Game rip
"Like trawling through ameteurish mods trying to find a good song" (by Domarius, 7 Jan 2021) [1/10]
That's what it felt like. I'm really surprised, after all the rave reviews. I have to agree with Darth Nefelim.

I guess the positive reviews come from people who have nostalgia for the game, and I get that. Totally with you on listening to songs that are actually not that good musically, but have nostalgia attached to it. But these comments left me with the impression that the soundtrack stands on its own. I'm just confused. Maybe there are like a handful of good ones in there that I missed amongst the rest.

It was like skipping through the worst of ModArchive or something, hearing song after song of monotone repetitive noises and badly repeating vocal samples, wondering why someone thought it was music and how long did they really spend bashing it together.

Bejeweled 2: Game rip
"I love the OST of this game" (by bruh, 21 Oct 2020) [10/10]
It's very inspiring, not the soundtrack by itself, but also the backgrounds of each level... I just feel like the marketing of Space X is not a rival for this game. This game makes me want to learn about astronomy and stuff, it is pretty cool.

Dune: Game rip
"Cyberpunk" (by Argento, 11 Oct 2020) [8/10]
Reminds me of Blade Runner, didn't see the Dune movie and didn't play the game, but the music is fantastic.

Duke Nukem 3D: Game rip
"Balls of steel" (by Argento, 11 Oct 2020) [9/10]
It has also the atomic edition tracks. Worth checking it out...you know.

Descent 2: Game rip
"Better but shorter" (by Argento, 11 Oct 2020) [7/10]
Comparing to Descent I, must listen both.

Descent: Game rip
"Electrorunning" (by Argento, 11 Oct 2020) [8/10]
Really up music! Ideal for a fps.

Castlevania Bloodlines: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Castle-like" (by Argento, 11 Oct 2020) [7/10]
Seems like there are 2 versions. Sound different than in game but I like it.

Castlevania 64: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Short nd sweet" (by Argento, 11 Oct 2020) [6/10]
Chimes, chorus, horrors lurking in the shadows.

Blood: Game rip
"Scary" (by Argento, 11 Oct 2020) [7/10]
Turn off the lights! Invocations, incantations, chants...

Blake Stone: Game rip
"Doomed" (by Argento, 11 Oct 2020) [8/10]
Great atmosphere from Prince genious.

Blackthorne: Game rip
"Obscure" (by Argento, 11 Oct 2020) [8/10]
Awesome tracks for a cyberpunk misterious journey.

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Awesome" (by Argento, 11 Oct 2020) [10/10]
Adventure, action, suspense, good music.

Unreal Tournament: Game rip
"Foregone Destruction is my absolute favorite from this game's soundtrack" (by JetSpade, 17 Sep 2020) [10/10]
While I may not be a fan of games like Unreal Tournament, I can't complain about the soundtrack, and my absolute favorite is Foregone Destruction. I first heard that song in an LGR video that dates back to 2011, and I immediately liked it.

Abuse: Game rip
"Obscure!" (by Tablesalt, 15 Sep 2020) [9/10]
Great atmosphere tracks. Dark, space, void.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Game rip
"Great music!" (by JetSpade, 30 Jun 2020) [8/10]
I may be 23 years old, but I discovered this game a few years ago through a YouTube video. It's become one of my favorite soundtracks.

BreakQuest: Game rip
"Relaxing" (by Xupix, 4 Jun 2020) [10/10]
This game has just some amazing musics that will help me sleep comfortably.

Thank you Mirsoft for ripping this game :)

Ravenloft 2: Stone Prophet: Game rip
"Want to play an RPG that will not take all your free time to complete? This is the one!" (by feelingshred, 28 Mar 2020) [10/10]
This game is an absolute masterpiece in terms of game design. It manages to have an open world that is short enough to keep you motivated but not too small. It's a pleasure playing this game without guides and trying to figure out where to go. After the 1st time you go to a new area, there's a Teleport item for returning to that area, so it's very convenient in terms of retaining that feeling of Adventure but not feeling like a chore. It's a perfect balance. Strongly recommended.
Also, you can re-play it in multiple different ways, you can even play with a single character if you want. It's one of the only RPG's out there I've seen where you can play as a Troll (regenerates health but can't use potions or spells) or as an Undead Paladin (comes back to life after being killed). Dungeons&Dragons 2nd edition is in use here.
Regarding the music itself, I played this one with the Adlib music because Dosbox refused to play the "enhanced" Midi music. In the end, I find the Midi versions of the songs to be a bit overwhelming to the years, the Adlib version retains that sound of simplicity but still sounding superb. Music in this soundtrack is very engaging, it's not like nowadays where everything has to be "ambience". This is real music with melodies and harmonies.

BreakQuest: Game rip
"Simply Amazing." (by P. Kreda, 7 Mar 2020) [10/10]
A wide variety of chiptune tracks made by Maniacs of Noise - a name that should already make you go "This is gonna be good".

The soundtrack fits the atmosphere of the game, which is like a mix of Luxor and Arkanoid - you control a ship, with which you bounce a ball to break different obstacles with different properties every level.

Featuring 99 levels and good graphics, the game is pretty hard on higher difficulties, but also an absolute blast to play!

Kirby's Dream Land 2: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Must hear for Kirby fans" (by Katumana, 18 Dec 2019) [9/10]
I searched for 8 Bit software and found GXSCC. For my podcast (with a game topic) I found this website and went through the titles.
I love KD2 and fought against Dede at least 30 times. Now I can hear this iconic theme whenever I want to feel this energetic sound. Thanks for this site!

Sadly I miss a second version of Rick's sound >.o

Living Ball: Game rip
"excelente!!" (by sicursafe, 23 Jul 2019) [10/10]
gran disco tio muchas gracias!!!!!!!!!!

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