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My reviews

These are all tunes that have been reviewed by me (Mirsoft). If you want to see the best tunes according my rating, click here. Btw., I'll be really happy if you will add some reviews to music records, if you have different opinion than me, or if you see your favourite album is not reviewed yet. The reviews don't have to be long, it's enough if they will be as long as mine. Just click Add your review and follow the few steps there.

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LucasArts Anthology [8/10] [1998]
Well done compilation of various old-school LucasArts adventures. You can listen to cool arranged tunes from Indiana Jones, Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island 1-3, Sam & Max or Outlaws. Nice thing is that only main themes are re-arranged, so album has very different melodies and doesn't come boring. Well, I don't know who those 'LucasFans' are, but they made definitely great job! :)

M.I.A.: Missing in Action (GT Interactive): Game rip (Win) [8/10] [1998]
Cool fresh tunes with Vietnamese war feel (the game is from this environment, so what would you expect?)

Machine Hunter: Game rip [8/10] [Jul 1997]
Great futuristic soundtrack, you can see lot of robots and steel there, the sound is simply telling that! :)

Magic and Mayhem: Game rip (Win) [9/10] [1998]
As good tradition in games from Bethesda Softworks is, we have again great soundtrack to listen. But this time we don't have "ordinary medieval fantasy tunes", these are very original tunes with various ideas. Some tunes remind celtic tunes in "Lords of the dance style", some others remind cool athmospheric futuristic but *not* boring feeling. Great, soundtrack as it has to be!

Magna Carta: Original soundtrack (Win) [8/10] [2002]
Beautiful tunes, full of great ideas and very live recordings of real acoustic instruments (e.g. guitars or flutes). You can hear also some singing themes there. Overall, very nice slow patient soundtrack. Too bad the tunes are a bit noisy, it lowers the overall experience.

Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim: Game rip [8/10] [17 Mar 2000]
Nice honest slow melodic medieval music. Cool 5 long tunes.

Maken X Remix: L'Image (DC) [8/10]
Hard techno tunes with heavy beats. Great listening for techno and hardcore fans.

Manic Karts: Game rip (Dos) [8/10] [31 Jul 1996]
Great fast racing tunes. Some are weird, some remind me Olof Gustafsson's Motorhead (no I don't want to make god angry ;)) ), and the soundtrack as whole is very fresh!

Martin Galway: Galway Remixed [9/10] [2002] PP002
Martin Galway and Reyn Ouwehand have both been one of the best musicians in C64 scene. Reyn Ouwehand released also cool C64-remixed CD Nexus 6581 and now he created full CDs of remixed tunes originally created by Martin Galway. They are great works and Galway's cool melodies have now got cool techno feel. Simply said, another great C64 remix CD!

Max Payne: Original soundtrack [6/10] [2001]
Well, this seems to me like "typical american soundtrack". It's nice, it has some great passages and different styles (many guitars, rock etc.), but generally it won't possibly change my life. But it's quite listenable, at least worth of keeping... :)

MDK: Original soundtrack (Dos) [10/10] [01 Dec 1997] VCD2
This one is one of the best soundtracks I ever heard, if not the best! Totally rocking action tunes with many melodies, ideas, each one is absolutely different than other. And the CD quality is very worth, because in PC version of the game have the sounds been converted to very low quality. If you don't have this soundtrack, GO get it NOW or DIE!!! :)

Me and Satan King: Original soundtrack (PS2) [9/10] [31 Jul 2001] JDCM-0001~2
Very nice and different tunes, many melodies and ideas. Soundtrack as it has to be. :)

Mega Man X3 Original Sound Version (MIDI) (Audio CD) [1995] Music Download Info
This archive is cool especially because the tracks are the "mirror of soundtracks", so they are tracked and numbered exactly as on the original soundtrack from this game.

MegaRace 2: Game rip (Dos) [7/10] [1996]
When I'm looking back to these tracks, they don't seem to me so impressive as first time I heard them - maybe because I liked the game a bit, maybe because of poor quality. But it's still quite fresh listening.

Merregnon (Amiga) [8/10] [2000]
It doesn't happen often that you can see so many "big names" under one soundtrack. All people are famous from amiga demos- and games- scene and they created on this CD absolutely new soundtrack with attempt to make some epic story. It has all prediction to be the best of the best, and it is without doubt very good soundtrack, but it doesn't reach the highest ones - I don't know why, but it comes a bit boring through the listening, maybe it's because lag of ideas. But it's still nice 8 points. :)

Metal Gear Solid 2: Original soundtrack (PS2) [6/10] [29 Nov 2001] KMCA-127
Collection of very different tunes - from slow athmospheric tunes to fast killing ones, and of course the famous Metal Gear solid theme is not missing too. But missing are IMO some bigger ideas - soundtrack as whole comes a bit boring sometimes.

Metroid Prime: Game rip (GCube) [9/10] [19 Nov 2002]
Very original, long and interesting soundtrack! If you take in fact that there are almost 2 hours of pure innovative music with lot of cool ideas, you can't treat this soundtrack else as real top-class.

Micro Machines V3: Game rip [3/10] [23 Dec 1997]
Three not very impressive tunes, which play only as background in game menus. In game are only ambient sounds, so it should be complete soundtrack and it's really very bad soundtrack for such a good game...

Microcosm: Game rip [8/10] [1993]
Very nice tunes, maybe "too nice" for shoot'em up game, because you can see lot of melodies and slow tunes there. Btw., I'm very looking for Novastorm tunes (Novastorm is follower of Microcosm) and I'm still not able to find them...

Microsoft International Soccer 2000: Game rip (Win) [7/10] [1999]
Rather long 16 minute menu tune for a football game (though I think it's repeating few times). It's very listenable and nice.

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