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My reviews

These are all tunes that have been reviewed by me (Mirsoft). If you want to see the best tunes according my rating, click here. Btw., I'll be really happy if you will add some reviews to music records, if you have different opinion than me, or if you see your favourite album is not reviewed yet. The reviews don't have to be long, it's enough if they will be as long as mine. Just click Add your review and follow the few steps there.

Showing reviews 201-220 from 484:

Heretic: Game rip [8/10] [1994]
Great tunes, though it's very incompletely here.. :)

Heroes of Might & Magic 3: Game rip (Win) [7/10] [01 Jun 2001]
Lot of medieval tunes - I can't say they're bad, but I found some of them too boring to get higher rating as whole. :)

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin: Original soundtrack [8/10] [2002] LYNCD011
One of the better orchestral soundtracks. Very cool ideas and very weight of action and athomspheric tunes. Interesting part of CD is also medley from not-even-worse tunes of Hitman 1.

Hitman: Codename 47: Game rip (Win) [8/10] [18 Nov 2000]
I could listen only to 5 tunes, but they are really very nice. Author is well known in mod scene recently, and you can see slight "mod" feel there :) And maybe that makes the music soo nice sometimes :)

Horde, The: Game rip (Dos) [01 Jan 1994] Music Download Info
Hm, where this game only came from? Ah, I know :) It was action-real time strategy, with rocking music from style 'dig-go-dig-go' :) Heh, really funny ;-))

Hunter Hunted: Game rip [10/10] [02 Jan 1997]
Strong fast action tunes with incredibly great ideas and melodies. Yo!

HyperCore: Game rip (Win) [9/10] [1999]
Incredibly fast techno soundtrack, which fits very well to fast shot'em up game. It is not only fast, but also well done and if you're techno freak, you will sure listen to it a lot.

Immortal 2 (Amiga) [9/10] [16 Sep 2002] AKCD001
Very good soundtrack, important is that although it's arranged one, every arrangement has been done by original composer alone. From that results also varriety of arrangements, some are only slightly changed comparing the original, some else are completely re-done. Also music styles are very different, which means the album isn't so compact as e.g. Back in time 3, but on the other side it means lot of ideas. Overall, it's very good memory for all best Amiga themes (there isn't much Amiga arranged soundtracks, isn't it? ).

Imperium Galactica 2: Alliances: Game rip (Win) [8/10] [2000]
Typical example that also ambient tunes can be very well done and fresh. But not only ambient tunes, but also action ones you can listen to in this soundtrack, all well balanced and giving cool experience.

Incoming: Game rip [8/10] [17 Dec 1998]
Very nice futuristic soundtrack with cool ideas.

Incredible Machine v3.0: Game rip (Win) [7/10] [1995]
From this soundtrack has surprised me only first few tracks which are surprising good - very nice melodies and ideas are followed with boring tracks which I should better delete. Absolute "goal" is crappy american rap track :( Fortunately, the end of the CD is quite good again, so it has good end and final result :)

Incubation: Bonus Disk (Win) [7/10] [30 Sep 1997]
You can listen to few nice motives from Incubation, but the rest is too ambient. On the other side, very fresh and cool are the additional tunes from Archimedean Dynasty (cool fast techno tunes) and Extreme Assault (with classic leading Extreme Assault motive and also some soft-techno), which are also included on this CD as the bonus tracks.

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb: Fan soundtrack [5/10] [28 Mar 2003]
Strong orchestral tunes and long 2CD soundtrack. But.. however, the music came to me a simply boring, nothing new under the sun, after while of listening it will bring only lot of orchestral sounds still about the same.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis: Original soundtrack [5/10] [1992]
This was undoubtely one of best games ever made, but the soundtrack varies between cool, mostly famous Indiana Jones music, and boring space fillers. And these boring tunes are unfortunately most tracks from these two CDs, so this music is maybe good as adventure game background, but not very much for listening...

Inferno, The: Game rip [8/10] [1994]
These tracks really rock! :) A bit athmospheric, a bit rocking guitar tunes, with cool techno enhancements. Only bad thing is that the melodies are very similar to predecessor T.F.X., which I listened really a LOT to.

International Rally Championship: Game rip (Win) [7/10] [1997]
Various racing tunes with many different motives. Though other Rally Championship series tunes have more ideas and feeling..

Interstate '76: Game rip (Win) [4/10] [1997]
Typical american tunes - some jazz-soul music, not very impressive, but maybe fans of these types of tunes will find it good.

Interstate '82: Game rip (Win) [8/10] [03 Dec 1999]
Cool fast racing tunes with a bit 60s athmosphere. After boring I72 tunes is this really cool surprise!

Iridion 3D & II Perfect Selection (GBA) [8/10] [2003] SHN CD 002
Turrican. The word which was in my mind during all the listening to this soundtrack. It's simply very similar and it's very successfully based on these great (and not overlistened!) ideas created by Chris Huelsbeck, slightly inspired by japanese shooter games. If you like Turrican tunes, get this, you sure won't be disappointed!

Iron Soldier 3: Game rip [8/10] [21 Jun 2000]
Cool heavy techno tunes, maybe I found them better when I heard them first time, but I found them very live and interesting also now.

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