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My reviews

These are all tunes that have been reviewed by me (Mirsoft). If you want to see the best tunes according my rating, click here. Btw., I'll be really happy if you will add some reviews to music records, if you have different opinion than me, or if you see your favourite album is not reviewed yet. The reviews don't have to be long, it's enough if they will be as long as mine. Just click Add your review and follow the few steps there.

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Original soundtrack (PS1) [10/10] [09 Apr 1997] KICA-7760
One of the greatest soundtracks I ever heard! So many melodies and ideas, slightly inspired by the original Castlevania feeling (but not so much to being repetitive and boring, as you may see in some other Castlevania games). Because of this it's not only greatest Castlevania soundtrack I heard, but also one of greatest game soundtrack I could listen to.

Cavewars: Game rip [8/10] [30 Nov 1996]
Good medieval soundtrack. Not long, but the athmosphere and ideas are cool!

Chaos Engine, The: Game rip [3/10] [1993]
Only first three tracks contain music, which additionally is not very impresive (it's a bit improoved Amiga tracked music, but I didn't like that one too :) ). But the rest 10 tracks are ambient sounds, so I recommend to leave only first three tunes if you want to listen to music. :)

Chaos strikes Back: Game rip [5/10] [1989]
Only one short tune and the quality is damn low. So I could listen only to very few to make better rating :)

Chasm: Game rip [5/10] [1997]
This game's soundtrack is "too ambient". Only one track (track 02) is worth of listening without the game, it's good rhythmic techno tune. But the rest is useless without the game.

Chessmaster 3D, The: Game rip (PS1) [7/10] [Jul 1996]
Though only 4 tracks, they're nice and suprisingly different (also one techno track in chess game? wow :) ).

Chris Huelsbeck: In the Mix (Amiga) [6/10] [2000] ZYX 20584-2
Well, this is CD of two sides - on the first side you'll find 7 very well done dance remixes of Huelsbeck famous game tunes, on the other side you will find another 7 tunes, which have been only 1:1 copied from another Huelsbeck CDs - and I listened to them really LOT of times already. So, in resume, this CD doesn't offer any new song. Only 7 good remixes, and 7 old tracks.

Chris Huelsbeck: Rainbows (Amiga) [9/10] [1994] HCD5
Very nice synthtized game arrangements, you can see the quality of the tunes has raised a lot. Btw., it's one of the first CDs I bought. Also some non-game synthetized tracks are very good, my favourite is "8.15 to nowhere". As usually on Chris Huelsbeck's CD, also here you can find some non-game dance tracks. Fortunately, they're quite listenable here :)

Chris Huelsbeck: Shades (Amiga) [10/10] [1991] ACD1
First of the Chris Huelsbeck's CDs, first CD I bought, and maybe first game music CD released in Europe. And just it's so great. There are arranged tunes from Huelsbeck's best work of that time, including 15 minutes medley from Turrican (though it's the same as on Turrican soundtrack). You can find also some non-video-game songs, which are nice and funny (I remember as I sung "Addicted to these games" when I was young). Simply said, I listened to this CD dozens of times and I still don't have enough. It is first and one of the best.

Chris Huelsbeck: Sound Factory (Amiga) [8/10] [1995] HCD6
This one is last from Chris Huelsbeck's "Amiga and C64" based CDs. You can see even better quality of the tunes, but also more cool non-game dance tracks. Maybe there are too much dance tracks instead of game ones, but overall result is still great. Unfortunatelly I've slightly crappy version of the tunes :(

Chris Huelsbeck: To Be On Top [7/10] [1992] ACD3
This is the CD of two big opposite sides. On one side stands absolutely great arrangement of the C64 tune "To Be On Top", which is one of the best tunes I've ever heard. Also other game tunes are quite cool. But on the other side stand crappy dance tracks, which are really bad on this CD.

Chuck Rock: Game rip (Amiga) [1991] Music Download Info
Great guitar pieces covers this very addicting tune frm Chuck rock :) One of the best Matt Simmoonds work, and really must listen ;))

Civilization 3: Game rip [3/10] [30 Oct 2001]
Typical soundtrack of nowadays - not very much ideas, some athmospheric clicks, and only thing that it can be proud of, is the popular name. Hm, I'd try to look somewhere else.

Clue!, The: Game rip [6/10] [1992]
Very uncommon tracks for a computer game. They are instrumental saxophone tracks which reminds 60s age. I don't like this type of music, so I didn't archived it, but it doesn't mean it's bad!

Colin McRae Rally: Game rip [6/10] [1998]
Only one "drummy" tune which plays during menu. Mix of techno drums makes good athmosphere before rallying.

Command & Conquer: Game rip [9/10] [31 Aug 1995]
Great soundtrack - so many fresh ideas, some tunes are fast battle rocking ones, some are slower Dune-like strategy backgrounds, but in overall, it's first and best C&C soundtrack and one of the best Frank Klepacki's works ever.

Command & Conquer: Generals: Game rip (Win) [9/10] [14 Feb 2003]
Very good and long soundtrack which contains various music styles from various parts of the world. For example, the Chinese soundtrack contains very interesting arranged eastern themes, while USA missions is taken in the movie-like orchestral style and the Global Liberal Army terrorist organization contains powerful (mostly futuristic) soundtrack, which brings real fear :)

Command & Conquer: Red Alert: Game rip [8/10] [01 Dec 1996]
Very long soundtrack and the quality of the tunes varies a lot. Some tunes like Hell March or Workmen are very famous and very good battle tunes with lots of "energy". But some are only poor ambient ones without many ideas, and this causes that the Red Alert music is a bit worse than the predecessor.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert: The Aftermath: Game rip [9/10] [1997]
One of the first Command & Conquer tunes, but in CD audio qality. The result: true action, lot of ideas and big quality. Though short, one of best C&C soundtracks.. :)

Command & Conquer: The Covert Operations: Game rip [8/10] [1996]
Cool tunes, first C&C soundtrack released directly on audio and the quality is cool. You can see class 'hard' C&C soundtrack with many cool ideas.

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