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4. Darth Nefelim (88 reviews)
5. aLoner (51 reviews)
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Syndicate: Game rip
"Minigun Selected." (by honkstar82, 15 Dec 2012) [4/10]
That Introduction. The music really sticks in the mind after you've seen a guy get run over, abducted, and then converted into a cybernetic soldier. The game music is very fitting of a tactics game, but one could wish for a little more techno-energy when listening to it on its own. This little pack only has two songs. I recommend smacking it together with it's sequel, Syndicate Wars, in your playlists. Both have cyberpunk grimdark feel to them, and compliment each other well.

Gearheads: Game rip
"Grind your gears!" (by honkstar82, 15 Dec 2012) [4/10]
This is a great soundtrack for madcap mayhem, but it gets a little repetitive after a while. Most of the songs have a similar background, an active drumline that reminds you of a ticking clock or gearworks, but they all have their own unique twists on the formula. It's a cool little pack for the game, but it doesn't have a whole lot of independent listening value. Give it a go on a good soundfont and see what you get, it's MIDI after all.

Apano Sin: Game rip
"Sinless, but not Splendid" (by honkstar82, 15 Dec 2012) [5/10]
Apano Sin's soundtrack is brief, unassuming, but still good. The game seems to have more tracks than are listed here, but very little information remains about it either. As this archive stands, it has a nice little jolt of background space-techno that would serve well as spacers for a larger playlist. These are not exceptional, nor are they wretched, they merely are.

If the archive was larger, it could be called a good "safe listen". As it stands, these are average.

Iron Seed: Game rip
"Echoes of Iron" (by honkstar82, 15 Dec 2012) [7/10]
Iron Seed has a great tracklist of techno/space rock tunes that really get your brain thinking of the stars. There are several standout tunes, Intro 1, 2 and the Colonization music are really good. What caught my eye is that these tracks are by Andrew Sega, AKA Necros. He composed a major chunk of the soundtrack for Crusader: No Remorse, and the ear-etching song from the first level of that awesome game "Dimension 2021" is actually in this game as well!

These tunes are not as well developed as Crusader's soundtrack, clearly showing Necros at a developmental stage of his music, but are still great space-techno chiptunes that ring in the ears. Give 'em a shot and you won't be disappointed.

Terminator: SkyNet: Game rip
"great varios terminator & epic themes in this Soundtrack" (by Verbatim, 21 Nov 2012) [9/10]
One of the last great midi sequenced arrangements of the DOS time

Great sequencing and composing Work by Andy Warr :)

Deus Ex: Game rip
"MOD goes out with a bang" (by honkstar82, 14 Nov 2012) [9/10]
As someone who has not yet played Deus Ex, or the reboot Human Revolution, I have to say I am greatly inspired to by this music! Lots of good cyberpunk and techno music that shows off considerable talent from the designers. This pack is huge, after ripping it to MP3 with XMPlayer I had 130 songs. Each song is named and numbered, so the pack is well-formed and will fit great on your playlists. Highly recommended to anyone seeking some dark cyberpunk music or melodic techno.

Terminator: SkyNet: Game rip
"Trust the Machine" (by honkstar82, 13 Nov 2012) [7/10]
Military-industrial futuristic rock. Solid drumwork underneath, good effects and solid guitars. Never played the original game, but these would fit in fine with a first person shooter. These songs do not surprise, just solid music all around that stands up pretty well even without the opportunity to blast robots. One big annoyance is that the songs are not named, just labeled, such as "T204", "T100" or "TEST". Aside from that, the archive is great.

ShadowWraith: Game rip
"Revenge is Best Served on the Net" (by honkstar82, 13 Nov 2012) [9/10]
Cyberpunk infopulses from some great artists. Never played the game, but this music is extremely good. From Marshins to Stardust Memories, the archive has a lot of awesome machine-synth rock tunes with heavy techno undertones. It's pretty easy to close your eyes while listening and feel yourself in a futeristic nightclub. The entire package is sold, there are no stinker tunes in my opinion. Highly recommended, this is a great example of why old game music rocks!

Tyrian 2000: Game rip
"Beware Microsol!" (by honkstar82, 13 Nov 2012) [8/10]
Tyrian is all about big guns, bigger ships, and amazing music. This package, along with the original Tyrian archive available elsewhere on Mirsoft, is full of high-power tunes. Lots of energetic synths and chiptune guitars, along with plenty of whooming space effects, comprise these tracks. The MIDI rips are solid, try XMPlayer if you have trouble with them.

Tux Racer: Game rip
"Almost sounds like On The Beach Tonight by Crusing Gang" (by Syntaxfel, 6 Nov 2012) [9/10]
I like computer music that slightly reminds me of commercial music available on the records.

Final Fantasy 7 Original Soundtrack (MIDI)
"awesome music" (by djmatthias, 29 Oct 2012) [8/10]
Favorite tracks being anxious hearts, shinra corporation, sandy badlands and cosmo canyon/ great warrior. They sound VERY awesome in Logic if you substitue the GM instruments for the exs24 and sculpture versions. Almost like a movie soundtrack.

Descent: Game rip
"Destination Saturn" (by Warcow, 24 Oct 2012) [8/10]
When I first played this game at a friends home back in '95, it was unlike any other gameplay I had tried before and I thought the music was cool and fitted really good with it. When listening to the soundtrack today I feel the same vibe and it still works.
And I agree with honkstar82 that the songs here is better than most music to any new game today, it sure was another quality then. My favourite tune would be Game18.

Final Doom, TNT: Game rip
"Yes, without doubt, a very good add one / an alternative to Bobby Prince Socres" (by Verbatim, 14 Oct 2012) [8/10]
And yes -> the Titel "The Darkness" is a clear case of my favorites and a very intensiv drabber / gloomy style of music / song, it fits in general perfect in the World of Doom !

I love all the gloomy tracks in connection to the demonic / demonish World of Doom

for example "D_shwan3.mid" its a true gloomy track also

some tracks of this OST from Team TNT are unkinder a little bit but It doesn't matter

for that reason i can't awarded the full rating

Blood: Fan soundtrack
"Blood: Fan Soundtrack" (by Veracocha, 11 Oct 2012) [5/10]
um..download link is not working?

Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr: Fan soundtrack
"Superb! Infinite thanks, dude." (by Scott, 6 Oct 2012) [10/10]
I love all three of the Blair Witch games. They're considered utter classics of mine as a retro gamer & I gotta say, the music in all three of them (Volume I in particular)is absolutely fantastic! I thank you very, very much for uploading the OST.

Starfox (Nintendo): Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Awesome stuff" (by MabsKMK, 4 Oct 2012) [10/10]
Congratulations! that soudtracks are amazing like in the real game.

4D Sports Boxing: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"A Great Childhood Tune, Stuck in my Head" (by GDI Lord, 24 Sep 2012) [10/10]
I grew up playing 4D Sports Boxing and it's music is some of the best of all the games I've played. Since a child the intro music and the gym music have popped in and out of my head - they just flow into one another.

The music suits the game and sets the stage for some great boxing.

I really enjoyed the music, well done to the composers.

Quick update on the composers:
Kris Hatlelid
Currently works for Microsoft. Filed for patents US7788496 in 2011 and US8103592 in 2012 - http://books.google.com.pa/patents/US20050222960

Mike Sokyrka
Featured in a cheat code for "Triple Play '98" for Playstation 1 - http://www.cheatnewspaper.com/cheat18326.html

Brian Plank

Descent: Game rip
"The music of a Material Defender!" (by honkstar82, 17 Sep 2012) [9/10]
Three hundred and sixty degrees of freedom. That's what Interplay promised, and boy did they deliver. Listen to these tunes with your headphones on and you can hear how the drums move from side to side on the menu theme, or the swirl of gas around your head in the fifth level's music. Descent has a rocking space-techno soundtrack that really gets your mind in the mood for entombed combat against corrupted robots, but it's awesome to listen to all on its own. When you're in-game you won't notice all the little nuances that a good soundfont will bring out of these tunes, and I still get chills whenever I hear the opening bars of Descent's 'Briefing' music. It's a little like 'Grabbag' for the DN3D crowd, one of those pieces of music that defines your memory of a game by letting you know that soon you'll be knee-deep in the dead.

This archive is of great quality and organized well. Unfortunately none of the levels have their actual names listed, even in the MIDI data, just a number. This is unfortunate, since not every level in the game has its own unique music. Some levels share music, and when you are paging through your media list trying to find "that one song", it's much easier to remember 'Venus Nickel-Iron Mine' than 'Level05'. It would be great if the ripper had at least included the name of the first level to feature these tunes in the filename as well as the level number, but oh well. If you're the obsessive type, try looking up the songnames on Planet Descent. This is a great pack of songs from an amazing game, and still holds up well against modern music. Oh, excuse me, kicks the tar out of modern game music.

Wing Commander 3: Game rip
"Great music, bad archive" (by honkstar82, 17 Sep 2012) [5/10]
Wing Commander III continues WCII's tradition of excellent interstellar orchestra music with a solid military feel. This is a great collection of tunes in MIDI format, but unfortunately this archive is heavily flawed. Many songs, from the haunting "Behemoth" track that plays when you fly past the massive planet-killing starship to the more mundane 'feel-good' light jazz of several of the five bar tunes that play if you step into the TCS Victory's living area, are absent. The music for flying in a heavily damaged ship is also missing, along with the music for dogfighting and defeating the Klirathi crown prince.

There is a lot of excellent music here. The game's orchestral introduction as well as both ending tunes are here, one for the Earth ending and one for Kilrah, along with shorts like 'Ejecting!' or 'Exploding!'. The whole of the archive sounds great, the audio part of this game's multi-million dollar budget was well spent, and it really makes you feel like you are fighting at the turning point of an interstellar war. However there are some problems even with the songs that are present. The names of most of the songs are only found in the MIDI data, not in the filename. Most songs have 'wc3-5' or 'wc3-a' as their titles. I cannot in good conscience give a high rating to this archive due to its flaws and absent tracks, but I do highly recommend its music to any interested listener. If you've never heard Wing Commander III's soundtrack before, this is a wonderful taste. If you are looking for a complete archive of the old game you love, this ain't it.

Wing Commander 2: Game rip
"Vengence of the Kilrathi!" (by honkstar82, 14 Sep 2012) [10/10]
Ah, WCII. Blasting furballs is always more fun with an epic soundtrack, and Origin studios did not let us down. This music is designed for a space symphony, and gives you a great sense of being a major player in a cosmic war even if you're just plodding down the street with your earbuds. This is the music that gave humanity our edge over the Kilrathi Empire, with great synthetics and piano work blending atop military-style drums. I recommend listening to this with the old Roland soundfont if you can manage it to get the authentic experience, or a better modern day soundfont that really gives you a sense of the work put into this music. It's highly recommended if you love having an orchestra tell you how awesome you are, or just want to treat your ears.

Enough gushing. One big problem with the archive is that none of the songs are named. They all have numbers, such as 'wc2-02'. This isn't really a problem for the casual listener, but if you're one of those folks who likes to hear a certain tune whenever it pops into your head you will be searching through fifty-two different tracks. This is really a bummer, because the original game had different names for its songs, from 'Scrambling' to 'Ejecting!' or 'Observation Deck'. WCII actually adjusted the music depending on how you were doing, so each song had a name and a condition it was played under. Again, the music is wonderfully ripped and I tip my hat to Mirsoft as I recommend you check these songs out, and I cannot know how difficult it was to extract these from the game's core files. Many songs also have their titles embedded in the MIDI data, but it would have been a great boon if they had been so labeled in the filenames.

Bottom line, this is a great archive of awesome songs. If you remember the glory days with a flightstick in hand and the glow of a monitor reflecting off your sleep-deprived eyes, you'll get flashbacks. If you've never chalked up a furball and don't understand half of what I just wrote, you'll still love this music!

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